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Buying an Xpod Online for the First Time

Vaping is amazing compared to smoking. It is an alternative with fewer health risks because you can control the nicotine level you use or even do away with nicotine. For you to vape, you need a vaping device like an e-cigarette or vape mod and e-juice. Speaking of vaping devices, there are many types on the market today, and the choice is determined by your preference.

If you are a beginner looking for a small and portable vaping device to use for the first time, then a vape pod such as an Xpod is an excellent device. Buying it for the first time can be a little tricky, but there is no need to worry. We will share the best information to help you make the right decisions.

Understand the Features to Look For in an Xpod

Vape pods are generally small and look like flash drive sticks. The Xpod in particular is flat and long with a mouthpiece at the end. It is sophisticated because all components are enclosed in a robust stick that you can slip into your pocket and use at any time you want. Here are the features to look for in an Xpod from ePuffer.

  • The design and color – The Xpod is flat and long but generally small. It has a metallic chassis finished with a carbon finish and painted in different colors. Choosing the best color to suit your style is very essential.
  • The battery – You will be lucky to buy an Xpod from ePuffer because it comes with a powerful battery with 375 mAh and a USB-C fast-charge time of about 45 minutes.
  • The coil and the wick – The ePuffer Xpod comes with a premium coil and an organic wick to ensure that you are getting the best experience. So, you can confirm this before buying one.
  • Cartridges – A new Xpod should come with a pre-filled cartridge and two extra ones on the side. However, the extra cartridges can only be refilled a couple of times before you buy new ones.
  • Magnetic atomization technology – This is the signature feature of a modern Xpod. So, check and make sure it is one of the features to guarantee a smooth experience with the Xpod.

Buy an Xpod from the Right Seller

You can only buy from the right seller to get the right device. The ePuffer Canada and UK websites are the official sellers, but you might find the device with other sellers around the world. Before you purchase, make sure that you have background information about the seller including the reviews from previous customers.

You should be aware of counterfeits that are all over the web. Some look so similar to a real ePuffer Xpod that you can hardly notice the difference until you use it. This is why you should buy your Xpod or vape mod from a known seller.

Fortunately, most, if not all, sellers have a web shop, where you can read an ePuffer Xpod review from many different customers. It is also the best platform to compare a couple of devices and narrow your list down to what you want to order.

Consider the Price

When buying an ePuffer Xpod from an authorized seller, you will pay about 20 pounds in the UK. A similar rate is also available in all other parts of the world. This is a fair price considering that the Xpod is very sophisticated and gives the best experience.

The seller will ship your device together with other accessories in accordance with the shipping policies, which you should be aware of. Also, understand the return policy just in case you do not get the device that you wanted.

With the above insights, any newbie can buy an Xpod or vape pod anywhere in the world. So, make the right decision as well today and buy one.

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