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Is it Safe to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

Consumption of things that cause hallucinogenic effects is often regarded as an addictive substance and is frowned upon for obvious reasons. However, the use of such substances can be defined as abuse only when their usage has gone beyond control and is causing irreversible damage to physical health, mental health, or both. 

Another factor that plays a great role is the nature of the occurrence of such substances because naturally occurring substances pose less threat than synthetically manufactured ones.

What are shrooms?

Psychedelic substances can naturally be found in some special type of fungus, which when consuming exhibits various forms of euphoria or hallucinations. Such fungi are known by the name of shrooms or magic mushrooms. The compound that is present in these mushrooms, which are responsible for causing such effects, is known as psilocybin. 

The existence of shrooms in human civilization is ancient. The earliest record of using shrooms has been discovered in the rock art found near the Spanish municipality of Villar del Humo dating back almost 6000 years ago. 

Besides, various Mesoamerican and Aztec prehistoric artifacts also point to thea use of Psilocybin mushrooms. The reasons for the use of such fungi were spiritual, religious, or divinatory.

Magic Mushrooms in recent times

The compound Psilocin (converted from psilocybin) found in the Magic Mushrooms is termed as Schedule 1 drug as dictated by the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. While most of the countries have deemed these fungi as completely legal, a few of them like Brazil, Jamaica, etc. have legalized them. Some others like Canada have a partial ban on these shrooms.

In Canada, psilocybin is considered a prescription drug. Its possession or trade without appropriate approvals and licenses is considered an illegal activity and is liable for criminal punishment under the country’s narcotic acts and rules. However, kits of mushroom spores are legal in the country, since the substance psilocybin is not present there. Therefore, if you are wondering where to order shrooms online, then you are just a click away.

Commercializing Shrooms

Since Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring, therefore they are preferred over their synthetic counterparts. With a half-life of about one to three hours, psilocybin mushrooms are often considered a safe bet. In the countries where they are legal or decriminalized, many traders have started to sell them online. 

Hence, in the interest of fair business, the quality of these online products is not compromised, thereby answering the question raised in this article's subject.

Using psychoactive substances has its own pitfalls. Therefore, extreme caution must be administered while using these products and the dosage must be taken with pinpoint precision. Otherwise, it might lead to disastrous results. Another aspect that is of extreme importance is the abuse at the hands of underage individuals. 

Parents must exercise extreme caution so that such substances are not accessed by their kids. While control on a personal level is of utmost importance, the governmental probe is necessary as well. The respective government must ensure that their citizens do not fall victim to shrooms abuse.

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