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Breakthrough in Health Science:
5 Miracles Brought by Cord Blood Banking

cord blood banking

Certainly, the human life cycle encompasses significant phases of our existence. There is no doubt that in this sequence, there is always a demonstration of the concept of birth and death. At the same time, there is also no denying that the state of our health is the gauge of our life expectancy.

Especially that the prevailing lifestyle embraced by the majority is becoming seriously ailing, investing in science will be a perk among humanity for sustaining lives. The current scientific breakthrough called cord blood banking is a facility that's beyond the existing medication capacity we have—way farther than what is already testified in conventional health science.

Fixes Compromised Immune System

Cord blood banking is a transformative scientific discovery that could substantially affect human lives. By storing the umbilical cord fluid, supporting lives could be practical since it is rich in stem cells proven to be effective in curing and discerning the characteristics of various diseases.

Our immune system is our defender from pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, which are microscopic. A threat that does not meet the eye is an opportunistic health invader. As much as we want to stay healthy every day, the likelihood of getting infected is significant if we have a compromised immune system.

For instance, Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV), which is entirely known by the public as a virus acquired through unsafe sexual activities, finds hope for treatment through the cord blood banking. Experts have once engaged in the search for ultimate healing and have progressed in today's satisfying health science episode. There is nothing more pleasant to hear than knowing that we could all be well with this development.

Repairs Genetic Defects

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that rings a bell among candidates for stem cell treatment. It threatens the expected lifespan we can enjoy as healthy human beings. Since cord blood banking is more efficient than extracting from bone marrow, cystic fibrosis is now proving this discovery's effectiveness.

America placed number one, having the most number of affected individuals with this kind of disease. Though this is not entirely hereditary, diagnosing the disease can be as early as two years old. Cord blood banking is indeed a human hope for disease-free living.

Cures Blood Disorders

For many, blood disorders are hopeless cases. Many would gamble their wealth for these seemingly terminal diseases. On the other hand, cord blood banking vows a chance of complete recovery. Indeed, there is more to life with this exceptional expansion in the field of health science.

For a case in point, leukemia is probably the most common type of blood disorder that causes white blood cells' abnormal production. The number of deaths due to this ailment increases as you grow old, so it is best to detect it as early as possible and administer cord blood from authorized and legitimate local banks.

Worldwide application of cord blood would sum up to 35,000 around the globe. The procedure was given to patients with blood disorders, primarily leukemia. This method suffices our desire to prolong our life even after experiencing such a desperate situation. Chemotherapy, being the known cure for leukemia, provides agonizing treatment cycles after all.

Chance to Be Cancer-Free

As we all know, cancer is an outcome of the cells being out of control. Eventually, these cells would affect the normal ones and ultimately destroy the organ where it originated. In consequence, it will affect the rest of our body systems. Banking the cord blood right after giving birth equals providing a resolution to such a scare to human lives.

To eliminate the mad cells in our body, chemotherapy places first as the way out. However, this drug treatment would make you undergo excruciating pain. Drug infusion would make you feel a burning sensation in your veins, unbearable, especially for children with low pain tolerance.Meanwhile, cord blood is painless and friendly to our bodies.

Aids in Metabolic Disorders

On top of the list is diabetes, which is frequently diagnosed with both adults and children. Whether you are obese or skinny, there is no exemption to this type of metabolic disorder. Though reversing it will be attainable if you just observe proper diet and exercise, totally discharging yourself from it is near impossible.

Not until the blood cord treatment is introduced, diabetes is incurable. Now that this health science advancement is developed, you can prevent and cure it through this method's wonders. Diabetes is linked to multiple health conditions we will never want to have, such as microvascular complications.


Banking the cord blood after birthing is a smart way of sustaining the lives of others. For every life that we bear, another life from a distance could also make it. Infusion of the placental blood brings an advantage to the field of medicine. At the same time, we are valuing every life after providing breath to a newborn.

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