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How to Do a Brazilian Wax

This hair removal method is particularly suitable for those who want a bikini area, smooth and clean, hairless, but can also be used on other parts of the body. The effect can last up to 1 month.

When performing Brazilian hair removal, it is essential to remember to perform an exfoliating scrub to eliminate impurities and dead cells, which reduces the risk of hematomas a few days before depilation. Here are steps on how to do a Brazilian wax


First, disinfect the area to be used. Have all the tools ready. The pain is bearable, and each time it became more tolerable over the session.

Choose the method

It is essential to choose the preferred method for waxing. There are two option depending on the hair level. For thicker hair, the preferred option is hot wax, and the electric epilator option is best for bikini line.

Wash and dry

Removes dirt and moisture from the area to be waxed. Wash well, preferably take a shower and dry with a towel thoroughly. The area must be well-drained so that it can adhere to the wax. The hairs must be a quarter of an inch long, or ten to fourteen days of grow, so as to comply well with the wax. However, if it is too long, removing it may be more difficult.

Wax Application

Take a small amount of depilatory wax with a wooden spatula and apply evenly from the root of the hair in the same direction as the hair is growing. Use one scope at a time.

Paste strips (sheets)

Place the strips on the applied wax.

Then, make sure that the wax and the strips are in close contact with each other while pressing firmly in the same way as the wax was applied (the direction in which the hair is growing).

Peeling the strips

Hold the skin firmly and remove the strips in the opposite direction of waxing (opposite direction of hair growth). Remove the strips parallel to the surface as you hold the depilated part firmly so that it does not sag.

Wipe off any remaining wax or sweat by wiping using a wet towel. Then apply baby powder again and repeat. Also, if the pain is felt in the process, cool the area with a chilled towel.

Spa Brazilian wax

If you are not sure how to do at home Brazilian wax you can also visit your nearest spas for this service. Professional Brazilian wax is safer and less painfull when compared with home-based waxing. There is no doubt it is a little costly but comes with more benefits. So if you want to see the best results then go to your favorite spa for professional service.


After performing the session, rehydrate immediately. Using a moisturizer, such as a coconut oil or creams that contain soothing ingredients

Immediately waxing, the skin is susceptible. Avoid hot showers or sauna sessions within 48 hours

The wax warmer amazon

Tress wellness wax warmer amazon is a useful home waxing kit.

The package is simple to wash and comes in the latest model that does not burn the skin as it displays the exact temperature.

The uniquely formulated wax is reliable for all skin types. The Tress wellness wax warmer amazon offers a smoother application that decreases irritation with actual ingredients. Furthermore, it saves on the budget as it is all in one warmer package. Warranty is two years and the longest on Amazon.

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