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Four Ways to Get Your Brain Firing on All Cylinders When You Wake Up…

A big part of any business running effectively is being focused. The task in hand is so important, but we all understand that the commute to work can be draining, or rolling out of bed and to your desk can leave you a little groggy for the first few hours of the day. And that’s valuable time wasted, especially when it comes to starting a new business.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way and there are dozens of ways to get your brain firing on all cylinders before you’ve even opened up your laptop. So, how do you do it?

Well, there’s no real secret to success. In fact, just a few simple tricks can often do the job…

Firstly, drink some water

While coffee may be your first port of call, just a drink of water can often do the job. After hours upon hours of sleep, your body will be dehydrated and in major need of some water. You have to remember that the brain is around 73% water and it’s an integral part of aiding the growth of cells and making neurotransmitters and hormones.

By topping up your body with some water first thing, you can get your brain operating at full capacity, making you more alert and in a more productive mood as you start the day.

Do some exercise

While the 6am runs might not be your thing, a little light exercise to shake away the cobwebs is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping around your body and increasing the oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Yoga is an excellent way to do this if you’re looking for something a little lower in intensity and there are plenty of yoga positions that can be really beneficial to do in the morning.

Of course, we’re not stopping you from a morning hike or jog either - that can do just the job, meanwhile a trip to your local swimming pool is also a popular choice amongst people looking to increase their alertness before work in the morning.

Enjoy some mobile games

If exercise isn’t your cup of tea, you can still flex your brain muscles without the need for physical exertion by enjoying games on your smartphone. Perfect for the morning commute, you’ll find a number of games that are purely dedicated to brain training, and have been scientifically proven to increase things such as memory and alertness.

Meanwhile, even games such as what you’ll find in a casino online are really good for testing things like memory, reactions and strategic thinking, getting your brain working that little bit harder so you’re ready for the day. Take blackjack or poker, for example, you need to be continually thinking about your next move or react to how other players within a game have behaved or played a hand.

Enjoy a cold shower

If it’s good enough for Wim Hof, then it’s good enough for you. Cold showers will increase blood flow and neurotransmitters and lead to a short boost of energy that can really set you up for the day.

Hof recommends starting with a normal shower and finishing it with 30 seconds in the cold. Not only has it proven to lead to higher levels of alertness, but also reduce stress and increase willpower. Yes, you WILL have a productive day!

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