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Boston Terrier: Character, Utilization and Health

Boston Terrier

As you can guess by its name, the Boston Terrier is a breed that originated precisely in Boston, Massachusetts: It is a dog that was formerly used for dogfights, it was created thanks to the cross between the Bulldog and some small Terriers, including some specimens such as the Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier.

Boston Terrier: Character

The Boston Terrier is a very intelligent and sweet breed, which establishes an excellent relationship with children, making it one of the most loved dogs by all: It rarely barks, and only if necessary (for example, if the owner is in danger or in cases of emergency). He is tender, but he does not always look for caresses: He can feel comfortable in his dog bed and does not pretend to always be the center of attention.

However, he is an extremely lively dog, but despite this, if he sees that we are busy and cannot be with him all the time, he will be at ease on his own. He is very discreet, and although his size is not large, he is always self-confident: He is brave, attentive, loyal and tireless.

The Boston Terrier has no predisposition to being a predator, but may be interested in small animals that intrigue him. Chasing a lizard will entertain you, but you won't go looking for a wild animal or cat. If you're wanting to learn more about Boston Terrier characteristics, Terrier Hub is a great resource for gaining a deeper understanding of this breed.

Boston Terrier: Utilization

Selected in the area of the American city from which it takes its name, after the mid-19th century, it was initially used for fighting, once this practice was prohibited and considered illegal, passionate breeders have refined its characteristics. through careful and scrupulous work. And they improved their character, to the point of obtaining the breed that we know today.

This dog of North American origin is a good companion, always very attentive and alert, with great vivacity and intelligence, and with a sure and firm temperament.

The Boston Terrier is an excellent breed for the family, because it attaches itself to all members of the family and becomes a member of the family nucleus. He has a great vivacity and sympathy, in that “Gentleman” morphology, which makes all the people who have the opportunity to know him fall in love with him.

The Boston Terrier, as mentioned above, is a very reactive, good and tame dog, but it is also an excellent alarm. He will take care of your property and family, and will surely do his job well. And if the stranger is introduced by a family member, the Boston Terrier will willingly accept it. Socialization, for him, is extremely important to have it done when he is still a puppy, so that he is a good guardian who knows when to intervene.

The Boston Terrier is an ideal breed for those who live in an apartment, but also for people who live in the country and want to have an elegant dog nearby, this is due to the fact that it's coat is short and soft, it does not give problems for his cleanliness, and there is also another important aspect: He does not lose hair throughout the house.

Boston Terrier: Health

  • Due to the brachycephalic shape of its head, the Boston Terrier is not suitable for high temperatures. It is recommended, during the summer days, to keep it inside the house and to leave it alone in the least sunny hours. It should be kept in a ventilated place and fresh water should always be available. Because it may be subject to heat shock.
  • Hair loss is not a problem for the Boston Terrier, because it has an imperceptible loss, and its coat is made up of very short, smooth and shiny hair with a fine texture.
  • It has no tendency to salivate, even though its teeth may be protruding enough to square the muzzle. If you drool a lot, it will be necessary to make sure that you do not have an infection or inflammation in your oral cavity.
  • The Boston Terrier, because it has a short, fine coat, you don't need much effort to clean it. Simply wipe it with a cloth to remove the dirt, and bathe it as necessary. You must keep your eyes, ears and oral cavity well cared for, so you will make sure that it does not have inflammations or infections.

The Boston Terrier is a healthy dog, which does not suffer from serious genetic diseases. However, it will be necessary to control it due to dislocation of the patella and eye pathologies. For this reason, you have to buy a puppy only from serious and certified breeders, who provide detailed proof of its reproduction and assure you about the perfect health of the breeders.

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