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How Can You Boost Your Immunity During the Coronavirus Outbreak?


Imagine what it would feel like if our body’s immune system was strong enough to fight off infections caused by all harmful pathogens without taking medicines. We all agree that our body's defense is an important line when it comes to fighting off infections that invade our bodies. A person becomes vulnerable to infections when the immunity is weak. Thus, if an individual with a weak defense system gets exposed to coronavirus, then the infectious agent is capable of causing chaos to the immune system.

Immune System

In short, an immune system is a complex body system that consists of cells, tissues, organs network that works tirelessly to protect our bodies against infections. Therefore, having a strong immunity helps to ward off diseases. In this case, we need to boost our immunity during the Corona outbreak.

What is Coronavirus?

You might be wondering what is a coronavirus and its effects on the immune system?. Well, in definition, coronavirus is a respiratory disease affecting the lungs causing shortness of breath among individuals with a weak immune system.

That said, we have researched and highlighted the ways on how to boost immunity during the corona outbreak using various methods approved by health professionals. However, these tips are not capable of preventing the corona spread or cure it for that matter, but they will help you a lot in boosting your body’s immunity.

During the novel COVID-19 outbreak period, scientists and experts are working round the clock trying to find vaccines against coronavirus as well as helping the public on other preventive measures. Experts in the health sector are now advising the public to take holistic approaches such as diet, hygiene, and essential oils such as CBD oil, among other measures to strengthen the immune system. The following tips are simple ways of how to boost your immune system against any health condition, thus building a strong body defense mechanism against corona.


How to Boost the Immune System During the Coronavirus Era?

  1. Immune Boosting Diet
    Feeding your body with certain foods to boost the immune system such as garlic, ginger, red ball papers, citrus fruits, and green-leafy spinach, among others, can help you boost your immune system.

    As we are all aware, COVID-19 severely affects an individual with underlying conditions like diabetics, cancer, and people with chronic medical conditions more than a healthy person. Thus, strengthening their immune system by incorporating nutritious food in their diets will help a lot in fighting off this disease through the immune system's cytokines. Cytokines are proteins released by the body, specifically by the immune system, to prevent further damage to the body.

    Additionally, including citrus fruits in your diet provides the body with the essential vitamin C that helps in the increased production of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting infections. Fruits like oranges, lemon, limes, tangerines, and grapes add a substantial amount of vitamin C that is vital to the body's defense system. The reason why we need to take citrus fruits is that our bodies do not produce or store vitamin C.

    When it comes to treating colds, almond nuts also play a significant role in boosting immunity. They supply the body with fat-soluble vitamin E. Eating a daily half-cup serving of almond nuts provides the body with enough fat-soluble vitamin E, which is a crucial component to boost the immune system. Moreover, protein foods such as poultry and turkey meat help in boosting the immune system as well as the formation of new red blood cells. Besides proteins, spices such as garlic and turmeric also play a significant role in boosting the immunity as well as helping the body to fight infections.

  2. Sufficient Sleep to Boost the Immune System
    ccording to health care professionals, having adequate sleep, ideally, 6-9 hours, helps to boost general health, specifically a strong immune system. Recent studies by health experts on the consequences of sleep deprivation relate a weak immunity to the lack of sufficient sleep. The reason being, without adequate sleep, the body is not able to produce enough body proteins - cytokines that are responsible for helping the body fight viruses. 
  3. How CBD Products Affect the Immune System
    It might be a wonder on how to use CBD oil. However, it comes in different forms, and the way of use depends on the type of oil. Apart from using CBD oil to relieve stress and anxiety, it also affects the immune system. Many wonder what CBD oil is good for apart from relieving stress disorders. CBD products are also very useful in boosting the immune system.


In conclusion, do you now believe that boosting an immune system is not that complicated? Seeking the above highlighted holistic interventions and tips to boost the immune system might be the best idea to prevent infections during the corona outbreak. You can share your experience and thoughts with us regarding our article down in the comments section.

Author’s Bio: Joe Labonte is a licensed clinician who has a ton of experience in infectious diseases. He advises people on the best ways to keep themselves during any pandemic. He insists that boosting the immune system is one of the best ways to stay safe.

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