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Body Shaper for Post Surgical Body Compression

A waist trainer is a garment used for shaping your body similar to a girdle. It pulls a person’s midsection in tight position but in a comfortable way. The idea behind this garment is to give a slim shape to your body. Waist trainers consist of a combination of tough fabric and firm fibers. It also has hooks to hold the fabric and keep the body in firm position.

Specialists believe that the waist can be trained to be slim and remain in shape if a waist trainer is used on regular basis and consistently. Plus size waist trainers are also available and people with plus size figure can use it to get maximum benefit from it. It is similar to corsets but they were very uncomfortable but these shapers come in variety and vary in sizes according to your and can be used as per your comfort.

A waist trainer when used as first will give an instant difference in your body shape. This can be used under garments for various occasions that will give you a perfect body shape and increase your confidence. It may also reduce your body fat if used regularly or during workout.

Post-Surgical body Compression

There are a lot of other products that are used when it comes to healing from cosmetic surgery but body shaper is also one of the products that your doctor would recommend. As there is a variety available and a person can pick one that suits his needs. Post-surgical compression garments are widely used nowadays and are a great success.

Why Need Compression Garments After Surgery?

These garments are very useful fro patient who have undergone a body contouring surgery. In order to help them healing. The body send fluid to the area or surgery for healing process that causes swelling. These compression belts will help reduce the swelling and help keep the area in a firm position. These garments are very beneficial and most recommended by doctors.

Your surgeon will provide a list of post-surgery instructions that will let you know exactly what you need, but, as a general rule, you’ll want it to be fitted without feeling uncomfortable. A tight fitted garment could actually harm you rather than benefit. Is it is too small it will cause problem in blood circulation, irritation or numbness. And a garment that is too big will be non-effective.

The best way to make sure you buy properly sized compression-wear is to measure yourself and order the one that fits you the best from the brand or website you need from. The doctor may recommend to buy two sizes one of which can be used instantly and the other with smaller size for recovery.

How Long Do these body shapers Need to Be Worn?

This question is the most important and it is better to be answered by your provider. But there are some general points that you could keep in your mind for the recovery time.

For the first few weeks or a month these garments must be worn full time to save yourself from swelling and taking off for small period of time only. For next few weeks or foe second and third month the wear time could be reduced to 12 hours. By this time, you may get fully recovered from the surgery and have a normal life. But swelling can take place anytime up to six months so it is best recommended to use the garments for longer and consistent period of time. For usage of these garments, you should also keep few more things in your mind that the area where the garment is to be worn must be dry to avoid any fungal infection.


Your doctor will give you recommendations of the best products that you could get in markets to use based on your procedure. When you visit any website, you may see various products fro various needs and with different sizes and variety. For example, a Tummy tuck which is used mainly for abdomen comes with hooks and elastic fabric use for swelling post-surgery.A Brazilian butt lift has many openings that may for to your buttocks that provides both compression and gentle support. Liposuctions products are high waisted products that are great fro a number procedures including upper and lower thigh. These all products need to be od good quality so that they don’t rub and cause irritation. Keeping you comfortable, compression while keeping area flat.

Compression body garments help promote healing after different body procedures by helping reduce swelling, decreasing bruising and supporting muscle, and holding skin together. The perfect product that fit and perfect size according to your body and need is very important and consulting regularly with doctor is also very important.

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