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Body Sculpting Treatments

BYou Laser Clinic offers the leading non-invasive muscle-sculpting and non-surgical body sculpting in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Oceanside, Unused York. It’s easy, has no recuperation time, and advances muscle definition in four muscle bunches. Book a free discussion to memorize more!

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting Treatment with TruSculpt fleX may be a groundbreaking modern muscle-sculpting treatment advertised by BYou Laser Clinic. TruSculpt fleX employs electrical muscle incitement (EMS) to advance muscle definition in focused on zones. The treatment is basic, secure, and FDA-approved.

It is completely non-invasive and requires no downtime. And the complete treatment as it were takes 30 minutes!

Where Can I Utilize truSculpt fleX?

Non-surgical body sculpting treatment can target up to four muscle bunches at the same time. It can be utilized on the abs, hips, legs, and arms but cannot be utilized on the chest.

Involvement the Benefits of Body sculpting at BYou

Body sculpting treatment at BYou offers a simple, speedy, and secure elective to surgical choices. So, presently you'll appreciate all the benefits of muscle chiseling without the torment, push, and fetching of surgery. And what comes about is jaw-dropping!

Don’t know how much body sculpting costs in Modern York?

At BYou Laser Clinic, we examine a treatment arrangement and body sculpting cost pertinent to our client’s needs. So, begin presently and plan a FREE Discussion nowadays.

Body Methods at BYou

BYou Laser Clinic offers whole-body administrations that let you accomplish that dream body. Our two fundamental body methods are body forming and body chiseling, but we too have laser nail organism treatment. Decrease fat and fix skin with BYou Laser Clinic.

Body Contouring Treatments

Utilizing TruSculpt iD innovation, BYou can assist you dispose of persistent fats by 24-27% with zero recuperation time. Our body forming treatment is one of the finest non-invasive fat lessening strategies.

Body Sculpting Treatments

We assist you fix skin and tone up muscles utilizing TruSculpt fleX. BYou’s non-invasive muscle-sculpting treatment is your go-to for body chiseling needs. With no downtime, it makes a difference when your summer body is prepared in no time!

Radio Frequency Treatment

Another treatment idealizes fat burning and skin fixing. Radio Recurrence is another non-invasive fat decrease treatment that you just can attempt. It helps in body molding and advances collagen to fix and revitalize skin.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment

This treatment advances a firmer and more energetic appearance through ultrasonic waves. In expansion, it makes a difference you get freed of cellulite and fats on the face, stomach, thighs, and other body parts.

Nail Fungus Treatment

This treatment employs radio recurrence to assist you kill toenail fungus and is the finest expansion to your foot care regimen. In expansion, nail organism treatment at BYou Laser Clinic lets you dispose of the disease.

Allow yourself a treat. Be more certain. Be more you.

Get your hair departure and skin laser solutions at BYou Laser Clinic, your trusted skin and laser hair removal pros in Advanced York.. We offer not fair laser hair expulsion but body and skin methods, corrective infusions, and hair rebuilding.

BYou’s Laser Hair Expulsion Benefit

In the event that you're trying to find a lasting arrangement to your unwanted hair, at that point visit BYou Laser Clinic and let us watch out for it for you. Our certified aestheticians will provide you the right treatment tailor-fit to your hair and skin sort utilizing industry-leading equipment.

Why get laser hair expulsion at BYou Laser Clinic?

The most noticeably awful thing about shaving is that the hair continuously comes back! Laser hair expulsion offers a changeless arrangement for undesirable hair on the body and confront. Benefits of laser hair removal :-

  • Forever dispenses with up to 15% of hair per treatment.
  • Is secure and demonstrated viable.
  • Works on all sorts of skin and hair.
  • Spares you time & cash by not shaving or waxing.
  • No more razor burns, ingrown hairs, or excruciating waxing strategies!

Laser Hair Expulsion Side Impacts

There are small to no side impacts related to laser hair evacuation. The foremost common issues are temporary redness and disturbance at the side, a gentle stinging sensation amid treatment.

In a few cases, more serious impacts may happen, but these are regularly related with unpracticed specialists and the utilization of disgraceful gear. BYou take each safety measure to guarantee these impacts are dodged, counting planning sessions assist separated for patients with more delicate skin.

BYou’s Body Contouring Procedures

BYou Laser Clinic is more than fair laser hair evacuation. We offer whole-body administrations taking care of your excellence needs from head to toe. We have body strategies such as fat diminishment treatment, body chiseling, and laser nail organism treatment. Through non-invasive strategies like truSculpt iD and radio recurrence to diminish fat and fix skin, as well as truSculpt fleX for conditioning, you'll accomplish the things you need.

BYou’s Skin Treatments

BYou Laser Clinic’s skin strategies offer an assortment of medications that suit your skin sort and skin concerns. We are able to assist you treat skin break out issues, dry skin, broadened pores, fine lines and wrinkles, cellulite, free skin, melasma, pigmentation, redness, rosacea, and indeed leg & facial veins. Our skin medications extend from aquapure facials, microneedling, chemical peels, and more!

BYou’s Cosmetic Injections

To assist improve your unused you, BYou offers corrective infusions in expansion to body and skin care. We have botox, dermal fillers, and PRP (too known as the vampire facial). Whether you would like it for anti-aging or restorative purposes, BYou’s non-invasive corrective injections can get you the things you would like.

Cosmetic Injections at BYou

BYou offer an assortment of restorative infusions, counting Botox, fillers, lip expansion, and PRP (also called the vampire facial). These non-invasive medicines don’t require surgery, accessible at BYou Laser Clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Oceanside, Modern York.

BYou’s PRP Hair Reclamation

On the off chance that you endure hair misfortune issues, attempt BYou’s hair rebuilding treatment utilizing PRP, the leading treatment to restart hair development utilizing characteristic, non-surgical implications. Our therapeutic experts will offer assistance and direct you through the treatment.

Hair Rebuilding Treatment

Is your hair not what it used to be? Recapture hair development with BYou Laser Clinic’s progressed hair rebuilding medicines reasonable for men and ladies. Our Clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Oceanside, Modern York, offers PRP hair reclamation.

What is PRP Hair Reclamation?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, can be a concentrated protein in everyone’s blood that powers hair improvement .The treatment has three straightforward steps: blood is drawn, concentrated, and infused into the scalp.It regularly takes three months until unmistakable follicle enhancements, and between 6 and 12 months to see the complete impacts. 

Who Needs PRP Hair Reclamation?

Two out of each three men involve hair misfortune by the age of 35. But this isn’t fair a fellow problem– 40% of individuals battling with hair misfortune are female. Whether it comes about from:

  • Maturing
  • Alopecia
  • Hereditary qualities
  • Hair care

Any other cause of hair misfortune

PRP is a successful treatment to restart your body’s common hair generation control, utilizing characteristic proteins from your claim blood.

Why Select BYou Laser Clinic?

Isn’t it time you get to be the leading form of yourself? BYou Laser Clinic has everything you wish to assist you with, with skin and hair-perfecting medicines for the body and body. Our progressed laser medicines were made to donate clients an immersive and fulfilling restorative tasteful involvement. We offer a full run of administrations counting; Botox, body molding, skin medicines, restorative infusions, laser hair expulsion, and progressed hair rebuilding. Brooklyn, Manhattan, Oceanside, and encompassing Unused York zone clients can take advantage of our high-traffic and easy-to-access clinic areas.

We offer broad restorative and stylish medicines for the body and body. We have an assortment of proficient items and administrations, and a prepared staff of certified therapeutic estheticians. Be lovely, be strong, and BYou!

BYou is here for your restorative laser medicines From skin restoration and wrinkle lessening to hair development and hair evacuation, we offer a full body come about to assist you be your best and most certain in your skin.


Body sculpting medications at BYou Clinic give a viable and non-invasive way to attain etched and conditioned physical make-up. Cryolipolysis, radiofrequency skin fixing, ultrasound cavitation, laser lipolysis, and infusion lipolysis are a few of the progressed medicines accessible at the clinic. With customized treatment plans and a group of talented experts, BYou Clinic is committed to making a difference people accomplish their stylish objectives and boost their certainty in their bodies. Some time recently considering any body chiseling treatment, it is fundamental to experience an exhaustive discussion with a qualified proficient to decide the foremost reasonable approach based on person needs and wellbeing contemplations.

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