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Does Blue Light Make You Insomniac?


The human body operates within a twenty-four-hour cycle called the circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for determining our sleeping and feeding patterns. In fact, all our bodily activities like cell generation and regeneration and hormone production are linked to the circadian cycle. 

A sound sleep is crucial because: 

  • Growth hormone is released during sleep.
  • Insufficient sleep may lead to weight gain.
  • Inadequate sleep may result in an increased secretion of the stress hormone.
  • Loss of sleep can induce autoimmune diseases.
  • Poor sleep increases the risk of heart diseases and strokes. 
  • Not having enough sleep can also cause inflammation in the digestive tract.

What is blue light? 

The white light, also called sunlight, is a spectrum formed by seven different colours, namely- Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. Starting from red, the wavelength of these colours decreases and the energy increases. Blue colour falls at the end of the visible spectrum of the white light. Therefore, it moves with the highest energy in the visible spectrum. It is due to this high energy that the blue waves’ exposure is unsafe for the eyes.

How does it affect our sleep cycle? 

Blue light exposure alters the secretion of the sleep hormone, melatonin. It works by suppressing the secretion of melatonin in our body, and thus inducing awakeness. It Is due to this reason that we feel active during the day and drowsy during the sunset (red light) and the night. The exposure of blue light may be beneficial during the day as it increases attention and elevates the mood. However, blue waves from artificial sources like smartphones, laptops, LEDs, etc. disrupt our sleep cycle, making us insomniac.

Other ways in which blue light affects us

It’s not just because of the altered sleep cycle when I say that blue light waves are harmful. Here are some other reasons for you to avoid blue light exposure:

  • Macular degeneration 
    Age-related macular degeneration is a common problem that arises during later years of life. AMD is a significant cause of loss of vision among the older age group.
  • Digital eye strain
    Prolonged exposure to blue light causes digital eye strain, also known as computer eye syndrome is an extremely prevalent syndrome among the UK masses. 
  • Post-cataract surgery care
    A cataract is corrected by replacing the eye lens with an intraocular lens that is shielded for blue light. If you have recently had cataract surgery, it is recommended to protect yourself from blue light exposure.
  • Retinal damage
    Do you know that our eyes can filter more than 90% of the UV rays they are exposed to? However, they fail to filter enough portions of the blue waves. When blue light hits the retinal cells, it induces chemical reactions toxic for the retina.

How to prevent blue light damage? 

  • Reduce screen time
    Staring on different screens emitting blue light for an extended time period can cause damage to the retinal cells. Try to limit your screen time.
  • Use artificial tears
    Extended screen time can make our eyes dry, making them more vulnerable to blue light damage. Teardrops are used to lubricate the eyes evenly.
  • Adjust lightings 
    The brightness of your screens should not be too bright or too dim as compared to your surrounding. Try to set your workstation in a well-lit area to minimise the stress on your eyes.
  • Get blue light glasses
    Blue light glasses in the UK is a technology that is used to block a significant portion of harmful blue waves from entering your eyes. You can ask your optician to help you with an anti-blue light coating on your lenses. 

While cheap glasses can seem more accessible, they fail to provide enough protection from the devilish blue rays. Also, a decent quality of a commodity as essential as the blue light glasses should not burn a hole in your pocket. Specscart is a recent startup in the UK that is offering premium quality blue light lenses at a phenomenally affordable price range.

So, if you are looking to buy glasses online, don't forget to check Specscart’s website for a fantastic range of stylish blue light glasses starting at just 25 pounds. 

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