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Will a Person’s BAC Go Down if They:
Drink Coffee, Take a Cold Shower, or Vomit?

I know you are already wondering if a person’s BAC will go down if they: drink Coffee, take a cold shower or Vomit. The short answer in this case is No. None of these techniques will make your BAC go down. I personally think that the only thing that can be very effective in lowering your BAC is just giving your liver enough time to process the alcohol out of your system. Let’s now check on each of these methods and see if any of them can be that effective. But before that, what is BAC though?

What exactly is BAC?

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is the percentage of alcohol that is contained in a person’s blood stream. And for this article, we will be using a breath analyzer or a breathalyzer to explain your BAC. It is also used by Police officials and other law enforcers to measure whether a person is under the influence or not.

It is also commonly referred to as tester’s BAC because it has become very popular with everyone to ask someone how much they can drink before their BAC becomes illegal. Now, lets get back to our question: Will a person’s BAC go down if they drink Coffee, take a cold shower or Vomit?

Can a person’s BAC go down if they drink Coffee?

I know you might think that drinking coffee can boost your energy and it can also make you stay up all night studying for a test, but drinking coffee will not lower your BAC. There has been no scientifically prove that drinking coffee can actually lower your BAC. However, caffeine does stay longer in the body than alcohol and the effects of caffeine to a person’s system is higher than that of alcohol. This simply means that if you drink coffee together with alcohol, the effects of caffeine will be more noticeable on your BAC than the amount of alcohol already present in your system.

Can a person’s BAC go down if they take a cold shower?

This question has been asked by many people the world over, the answer is still no. Taking a cold shower will never lower your level of alcohol content because it simply does not remove anything from your body nor does it speed up anything. It has nothing to do with the breathing process of a person nor does it have any relation to your metabolism.

Can a person’s BAC go down if they Vomit?

Vomiting cannot help a person lower their BAC because simply put, vomiting can only remove things from your stomach and not from your blood stream. The alcohol is still in your blood stream therefore it will not affect the percentage of alcohol in your body.

So, what are our final conclusions?

Will A person’s BAC go down if they drink Coffee, take a cold shower or Vomit? As mentioned earlier on, drinking coffee will never lower your BAC, drinking a cold shower will not lower your BAC and vomiting will also not decrease the percentage of alcohol in your blood stream. The only thing that can remove alcohol from your body is time; if you give your liver enough time to process all the alcohol in your system then it may possibly leave a trace amount which is less than the legal limit.

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