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How to Celebrate Happy Birthday
Online in Quarantine?

It is a tense situation for everybody to be in quarantine. Still, if you have your birthday in quarantine, it will be a great opportunity to celebrate your birthday and have entertainment. Therefore, do not miss a chance to have fun during the quarantine. 

It is not easy to live away from your family and friends. Even on your birthday, you don't want to give away, but in the Covid situation, it is necessary for the sake of their health. Furthermore, it is important to celebrate your birthday with your loving ones. In quarantine, you can do the following activities from your room to connect you people you wanted to celebrate with.

Decorate Your Quarantine Room:

It is good to change your mind and spend the day decorating your room. It will also help you to decrease the stress due to Covid.

Decorate your room with different kinds of colorful shining papers and other materials that are easy to avail in your home. Your decorated room will provide you with an environment to have fun.

Arrange Online Video Gathering:

Another factor to have an entertaining night with your family and friends is to arrange an online gathering. Joyment without them is impossible, so you should plan ahead to gather via online video meeting software to cut your birthday cake and start celebration of your birthday.

Your family members' appearance in video chat will tend to make your call longer and that will make you happy. You should invite your friends after having some meet and greet with your family, this way everyone won’t jump at you at once.

Plans for what to do after meeting up with friends and family online:

You should try hiring a professional entertainer from fiverr. A guitarist would be super cool and a big surprise to everyone gathering with you.

Play some fun games which involve all members. Example: Among Us, Minecraft.

You can have a story telling or quiz time.

Also, don’t forget to download a happy birthday song. You can get all kinds of songs for birthdays from

Singing competition, even better thing would be to sing along, everyone singing together such a heartwarming thing (don’t forget to record it).

Apps for video chat:

First of all, what not to use is FaceTime, not everyone has an Apple device.

  • Zoom has the most features but there is a 40 minute limit for free plans.
  • Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Meet, and Duo are all free and the most widely available apps in people’s phones.

Send Cake to Your Friends & Family:

Finally, you can send cake to your friends and family according to their choices at their doorstep. Birthday celebrations are incomplete without having a birthday cake. So, sending a cake will make a physical birthday celebration environment for them. If you know how to make them then it would be easier to make small cakes-like cupcakes.

We hope you liked these tips. Even though this would be a virtual party but if done right, it still could be your most memorable birthday celebrations in your life. So, try to enjoy it to the fullest, have a good and happy birthday!

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