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Biodegradable Coffee Cups for Hospitality

Everybody wants to live in a friendly environment. Enterprises and households have a duty of ensuring that this goal is achieved. As owners of a cafes and restaurants and workers in the hospitality industry, you need to engage in environmentally friendly food packaging to assist the global community in minimising the pollution caused by increased waste and poor recycling activities. With the increased sensitisation on the importance of green initiatives, we need to explore the advantages of biodegradable packaging.

The benefits of biodegradable packaging for our environment

Biodegradable materials reduce carbon emission to the environment. Since most of them are made from natural materials such a paper and sugarcane fibre, there is minimal usage of plastic materials which the manufacturing process tends to emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere. That is not all. After they have been used, they can easily be recycled which further reduces the strain on the natural resources. This reduces pollution which emanates from plastic waste. For the materials which cannot be recycled, when disposed, they’ll eventually break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomas. The timing is not specified, but eventually they’ll break down without releasing chemicals into the environment. They will break down much faster than plastics which is an estimated 1,000 years.

How biodegradable packaging works

Many people seem to not understand the real meaning of biodegradable packaging. It is a form of packaging which reduces environmental pollution by using rapidly renewable plant materials instead of oil. In the food industry, this means pul and fibre from trees and sugarcane, as well as bioplastics from plant starch derived from corn. Food is easily served into these products instead of using synthetic materials such as plastic bags, cups or containers. The products such as biodegradable coffee cups do not contain any harmful chemicals, hence your drink is safe. Once you have eaten the food from your biodegradable takeaway container, you can opt to recycle the packaging or just throw it into a rubbish bin where it can eventually break down.

Why you should use biodegradable packaging at your organisation or business

Every business wants to have a good reputation. Embracing this form of packaging is one of the ways of achieving this goal. People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of responsible product sourcing for their business because they understand their customers really care about this issue. Most importantly, there are organisations which give more limelight and promotion to eco-friendly businesses. This, in turn, increases brand awareness for their business and increases the likelihood of return and repeat customers. Competitiveness in the food service industry is all about marketing and the more content available to share with your market about your positive choices the better.

Moreover, such practices improve the relationship between the company, the community and the environment. There are also some authorities, both locally and around the world, which have banned plastic packaging and instead, promoting biodegradable packaging. Thus any operator who embraces this form of packaging puts your business ahead of its competitors from an environmentally friendly standpoint. Customers tend to visit restaurants which are wary of the environment. Therefore if your café or restaurant embraces better options like using biodegradable coffee cups among other packaging products, chances are you will attract more environmentally conscious customers while retaining all of your regular customers..

People want to be associated with company’s who care about their surroundings which are being threatened by the increased levels of pollution. Moreover, people are increasingly practising a green way of life, and thus, if you embrace green packaging earlier, you will in a position to capture this emerging market.

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of environmentally friendly packaging is transitioning to more sustainable materials. Almost all of the materials used in biodegradable containers can easily be recycled or composted in a commercial composting facility. This practise will also help eliminate some of the costs associated with disposing plastic wastes.

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