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Sleep is the Cornerstone to Success - How to Get a Better Nights Rest When Sharing a Bed

Sleep, whether you acknowledge it or not, dictates the quality of your day and even your life. Sleep terribly for one night, and your whole day can feel wrecked. Sleep too little, consistently? Your immune system is shot, your patience wears thin, and your ability to manage stress depletes. You aren’t you when you’re tired, and if the reason for your poor quality of sleep is your partner, the situation can only get more stressful.

The good news is that there are ways to share a bed in peace and tranquillity. If you aren’t there yet, not to worry. This guide is full of tips and tricks to help you out:

Get Two Duvets to Your Specific Tastes

Do you two constantly seem to be fighting over your sheets? There’s quite simply not enough fabric for you both to sleep the way you want to and at the temperature that suits you best. The single simplest solution is to get two duvets. This way, you can wrap around the way you want and sleep much deeper.

Worried about intimacy? Don’t. Sleeping better the way you need will help you feel better overall. You can catch up on those intimate moments by cuddling before you go to sleep or in the morning.

Use a Face Mask to Block Out Light

Human brains work around sunlight. People naturally start waking up as the dawn rises up in the sky, meaning they are more awake during the day and more tired at night. This works great when the only major light source is the sun. Those living in cities where street lights keep your home lightly lit throughout the night don’t get the same reprieve.

Darkness is important for a dark, restful sleep. You can get this in two ways. The first is to invest in blackout blinds, but this can make it harder in the mornings to get up if you two don’t wake up at the same time. A good alternative is to wear face masks. These masks can give you that necessary darkness. When your alarm goes off, you can then take the mask off and benefit from the natural wake-up powers of daylight.

Tips for If Your Partner Snores

Noise is another huge cause of restless sleep. Having good windows and insulation can help if the noise is outside, but if your partner is causing the ruckus, you may feel like your options are limited.

First things first, know it is more important for the health and stability of your relationship to get a good night’s sleep than it is to sleep in the same bed together. If nothing else works to stop your partner’s snoring and it’s directly impacting your quality of sleep and life, then staying in a second bedroom is better for everyone. It doesn’t mean you aren’t committed or in love.

Before you get to that stage, however, there are a few important tips to stop your partner from snoring. Small changes you can try if the snoring is a recent thing is to have them change positions. For more serious issues, your partner will need to seek out medical advice.

Get a Pillow that Supports Your Neck

The shape, firmness and size of your pillow can also impact your ability to sleep well. For example, if you sleep on your back, you need a low pillow that supports your head without raising it. If you sleep on your front, you’ll want a body pillow to keep your spine straight; if you sleep on your side, you’ll need an option to keep your head propped up. Choosing the right pillow and understanding how to keep your spine in alignment can improve comfort and sleep quality.

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