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5 Best Wines To Get Over Self Isolation

Wines possess the capability to transform every meal into an occasion. From Christmas parties to late-night dates, a glass of noble grapes is enough to set everything straight. With the ongoing pandemic at the peak, you might feel anxious or agitated often. Such a mental state calls for the top-notch wines crafted out of the rich fruits and limited processing. It’s about time that you get rid of the negativity and fulfill the sommelier inside you.

You can get great wines not just in France but all over the world, for instance wine delivery in Malaysia may be your bag.

Keep reading to know the top 5 wines that will make your self-isolation days worth cherishing for a lifetime.

1. Gruet Blanc De Noirs NV

Gruet Blanc

If you’re a champagne lover who enjoys the spicy taste, you must consider this top-notch champagne alternative. During the lockdown, it might be difficult for you to get your hands upon your favorite blanton's bourbon. Here’s an affordable champagne replacement that offers mouth-watering aromas and savory flavors. The wine goes through similar fermentation techniques and undergoes secondary fermentation. Try tasting this wine if you like the creamy wine essence and a tangy taste. What’s even better is that this sparkling wine offers a blend of both green apple as well as lime. To complement this flavor, the viticulture professionals add a hint of peach as well.


  • Hard Aged Cheese compliments the creamy essence of blanc de noirs pretty well. Consider pairing your wine with some parmesan or gouda cheese for exquisite taste.
  • Buttered Popcorns coupled up with parmesan cheese satiates every wine enthusiast who likes to sip on some blanc de noirs now and then.
  • Thai Food tastes divide with the spicy and creamy flavors of this wine. When you run out of choices, make sure to enjoy some apricots and other nutty fruits.

2. Goose Bay 2016 Pinot Noir New Zealand

Pinot Noir

Here's an ecstatic wine to mesmerize your lockdown days emerging right from the island nation. This red wine is undoubtedly a must-try during the isolation period due to affordable prices and rich taste. This wine carries berry notes and fruity flavor, and pairs well with desserts. You might pair up some blood oath with this fantastic wine if you're fond of sweetish cocktails. These spirits contain the perfect blend of Nelson & Marlborough Grapes. Also, it tastes more like acidity paired up with fruits and berries.


  • Cheese pasta, ranging from lasagnas to arrabbiata, taste extravagantly well with the Pinot Noir. The spicy and cheesy flavors of pasta perfectly balance out the fruity essence of this wine.
  • Grilled Meats are one of the best pairings for Pinot Noir owing to the rich taste as well as appeal. Make sure to serve it hot with a glass of wine to transform your evenings into a memorable one.
  • Light Tomato Sauces, either on a sandwich or with some pasta works well to blend the berry aromas with the typical leucine taste.

3. Castello Del Trebbio Chianti Superiore Docg


If you like the taste of vintage wines with high rosy notes, then you must try out this Chianti. Built with the indigenous grapes and traditional techniques, this wine will surely amaze your taste buds like never before. With the perfect blend of cranberries and cherries, just a glass is enough to fulfill your wine cravings. Also, the rosy essence is a cherry on top for all the wine vintage enthusiasts out there. All you need to do is fetch a suitable food pairing and pour a glass of the wine to enjoy the sunsets. You might also call your friends for a virtual wine party.


  • Meat Dishes like grilled meat, lambs, roast beef, and wild ducks are suitable for balancing out the fruity flavor of this Tuscan wine. You might as well pair it up with a chicken pizza if you’re out of ideas.
  • Simple Pasta topped up with the seasonal herbs and parmesan is surely the right fit. However, make sure to add some tomato sauce to enhance the flavor.
  • Young Cheese like Gouda and English Cheshire is yet another ecstatic food pairing for a glass of appealing chianti.

4. Savage Grace 2016 Côt Malbec


Certain wines occupy the place amongst the limited-editions due to the scarcity. This Malbec wine is likely to allure your buds. What makes it astonishing is that it is crafted using 100% Malbec grapes. You might experience an earthy aroma filled with rich peppery flavor once you pour it in the glass. However, you are likely to face difficulties in finding this gem. On the outside, this wine appears extremely dramatic with the teal label and fancy shape.


  • Meats & Proteins taste divine with a glass of chilled Malbec. Try pairing this wine with some lamb and mint.
  • Cheese Burgers greatly intensifies the berry-like flavors of Malbec with its cheesy taste. All you need to do is prepare some burgers and top them up with herbs like rosemary or parsley.
  • Mushroom Stuffed With Peppers offers ecstatic red peppery notes to the overall wine tasting experience. The overall result is a delicious dinner paired with luxurious wine.

5. Powell & Son Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Shiraz 2016

For all the wine lovers who like fancy bottles that reflect elegance, this is the right pick. Having spent decades in the vines outside the Adelaide premises, this wine offers the perfect taste. It delivers a texture that is both creamy as well as vegetal. If you are fond of the spicy red waters right from the Rhode Valley, you will likely enjoy this Shiraz wine.


  • Mushroom Dishes, mainly Mushroom chicken soups and mushroom sandwiches, taste heavenly with a glass of Shiraz. You might also try out a mushroom gravy for a heavenly taste.
  • Hamburgers make one of the best food pairings for this wine. Consider adding some extra herbs and spices to it for an appeal to cherish.

Bottom Line

Social distancing might create some mental disturbances like anxiety, stress, and mood swings. To keep such unwanted mental health issues at bay, get your hands on the extraordinary wines. From the spicy diligence of Shiraz to the fruity appeal of Merlot, you must try it all.

Fulfill the sommelier inside you with a luxurious wine tasting experience at your doorstep. All you need to do is get your hands on any of the wines mentioned above that are an epitome of savory. Before trying the wines out, grab one suitable pairing as well.

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