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What Are the Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis?
An Expert's Guide

Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis

The best ways to smoke cannabis are a never-ending debate in the community. Many people try to tell you how to smoke cannabis or the best method to smoke cannabis. Some are definitely healthier than others.

How can you find the best ways to smoke for yourself? The first way is to learn more about each method. With that in mind, let's take a look at the best ways to smoke cannabis!


Vaping is a popular alternative for straight-up smoking cannabis or using a bong. Studies hint that vaping the actual cannabis and not the concentrate pose a lower risk to your health. There's evidence that vaping cannabis leads to stronger highs, no matter how much THC is in the cannabis.

There are downsides to vaping, especially the concentrate. There is a lot of evidence that vaping can cause serious side effects. It's always best to keep the downsides of a method in mind.


Bongs have been in use for at least 2,400 years, starting in Asia and Africa before making it to the West. While the hit from a bong feels smoother, the water filters out more THC than tar, making the user take more hits to get that high. However, studies suggest that smoke from the bong is less damaging than unfiltered smoke.

The Classics: Joints and Blunts

Out of the two, you'll want to smoke a joint. While blunts have more cannabis, the cigar wrapper used for them is still highly toxic. Even without the tobacco, the cigar wrapper still has toxins like nitrosamines, and the paper itself is highly porous, so there's less burning.

If you smoke an entire blunt, you've just smoked the equivalent of six joints. While that may sound like a good time, when you ingest a lot of *anything*, it can be adverse to your health. Keep to joints, you'll have fewer toxins invading your lungs.


Dabbing is the new kid on the block. Dabbing is supposed to give you a "cleaner" high, since the dabs, sometimes called budder, deliver as much as eighty-percent more THC than other cannabis products. When it comes to dabs, it's best to go through high-quality sellers, such as Brothers With Glass which offers dab rigs for sale.

Hints and Tips

When looking for the best method to smoke cannabis, here are some tips on smoking your weed safer. One of the first goes against conventional wisdom. Don't hold your inhale. If you hold it, you're exposing your lungs to more toxins.

Rolling paper is rolling paper, right? Nope, you should only use rolling papers approved by the FDA. If you buy non-approved papers they can have flavorings or other toxic chemicals in them.

Stick to glass bongs and pipes, and keep them as clean as possible. Plastic bongs may have BPA in them. Keeping them as clean as possible reduces health risks.

The Best Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Smoking cannabis rather than other ways to get high may have its risks, but for some people, it's still the best. Choose your method well and always consider the consequences. There are many ways to smoke at your disposal!

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