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Best Vitamins for Good Mood

The human body is a machine and is a combination of mechanical and chemical processes to keep it moving. It is a very complex system that not only produces mechanical outputs but there is a very complex concept in it called emotion. It helps humans to show their feelings like happiness, grief, joy, sorrow, anger, and many more things. Therefore all these emotional outcomes are controlled by some chemical reactions in the body.

Hormones are the most important factor in these cases and the chemical reactions of the hormones control the outcome of the emotions. Scientists have proved a very deep relation between the mood of a person and the functions of hormones. This is why there are mood swings among people when there is hormonal dysfunction or chemical imbalance. You can notice that during menstruation, mood swings are seen among the girls.

Vitamins are chemicals that are considered micronutrients. They are responsible for lots of physiological functions in the human body. Therefore they also take part in making chemical balances to keep the moods of human beings happy. They help in maintaining body balance so that you can stay healthy and your mood good. There are lots of vitamin supplement brands available online. If you are vegetarian then you can choose a vegan vitamin supplement to fulfil your basic needs. Here are some of the vitamins which can keep you in a good mood...

  • Vitamin D

D vitamin is a group of vitamins that help people to stay away from degenerative diseases of the bones. Vitamin D is a natural chemical component that the human body can produce itself with the help of sunlight. Basically, you need to get up early from your bed to get the sunlight of the specific intensity to generate vitamin D in your body. Getting up early keeps you healthy and thus your mood stay happy. You can get enough time to accomplish all your daily routine work without any hurry.

Vitamin D is also very much needed in the current situation of pandemics throughout the world. Scientists have found that this vitamin has a close relationship with the vulnerability of the patient’s condition due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Vitasaveus says that they also have found some association between Vitamin D insufficiency and depression in people. Though it is not confirmed whether the relation between Vitamin D deficiency and Depression is directly or indirectly proportional, there may be some other factor that can influence it.

In many cases, psychologists try vitamin D tablets to bring patients from depressive tendencies. Different research works have shown that Vitamin D maintains a high degree of wellbeing among the adolescent generations. This vitamin is also used to decrease irritability, sleep abnormalities as well as problems in concentrating on studies and other work. Vitamin D is also very much useful in combating fatigue.

Vitamin D has been proven to fight against mental depression as well as an augmentation to other treatment approaches. It is evident that for people who live in such places where sunlight deficiency is a problem, the inhabitants of those areas suffer more from such mental depressive problems than those places where people get ample amounts of sunlight.

  • Vitamin B

It is also a group of vitamins that can be called a full family in a word. It contains Thiamin, known as B1, Niacin known as B3, Folet known as B9, and Cobalamin known as B12. Here deficiencies of vitamin B12 and B9 are directly related to the depressive mental state of any person. The people suffering from deficiencies of these vitamins suffer more from mental agony and depression than those who are having ample amounts of this vitamin. Many a time Vitamin B9 is seen as a driver to alcoholism and depression among different people.

  • Vitamin K

It is seen that people with a diet having a high concentration of Vitamin K are less prone to suffer from depressive symptoms. Some studies have shown that supplementation with this vitamin for a considerable amount of time; say 70 days have improved some behavioral test results like reducing depression and anxiety.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C basically guards the nervous system against any kind of damage. In many types of research on different animals, it is proved that lack of Vitamin C can cause the decay of neurons. It is very much efficient in the prevention as well as treatment of anxiety as well as Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

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