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Getting Your Best Sleep Without Melatonin

Sleeplessness has become an extremely common problem in recent years. The current pandemic has also worsened the situation a lot as more and more people fell into stress and depression. The fear has only added to the problem and people are desperately looking for a solution. Getting proper sleep is essential for us to function normally every day and to put ourselves to sleep, we often resort to medicines. 

However, traditional medicines have quite a few side effects and the hormone-based ones include melatonin which the body must produce naturally. Taking it synthetically only decreases the body’s ability to do so further, and it becomes impossible for some people to sleep at all until they take this medicine. Thankfully, there are some amazing solutions that are completely natural and provide results that can be sustained as well. Read on to find out more.

Exercise Before Bedtime

As far as remedies for sleeplessness go, this one seems to be exceptionally reliable and equally perplexing. Scientists are still not entirely sure why exercise helps people with better sleep, but it does. Physical activity leads to a sense of balance in the body and tiredness from the workout also helps a lot. And once you fall asleep, having done the activity promotes slow-wave sleep in the body which you get when you are in deep sleep mode. However, do it at least an hour or so before you go to sleep since the activity itself also produces endorphins which are meant to keep you awake.

Chamomile Tea

Sometimes all you need to go to sleep is relax a little and there are many ways to do that. For people who are so exhausted that they cannot bring themselves to fall asleep, a cup of chamomile can work like magic. Not only does the warm herbal tea have a direct soothing effect, but it also carries flavonoids that stimulate the benzodiazepine receptors situated in our brains. They are responsible for managing the transition between our sleeping and waking states.

Sleep in Darkness

When you try to get some shuteye, the most common problem you can face is a hindrance from any light source around you. Even if you are lying in a way that your phone is visible to you, a sudden notification or any other cause of its screen turning on can cause distraction. The ideal method of falling asleep is to remove all sources of light from the room. Revisit your room at night and you will be surprised by how many light sources and leakages are present in your room. Ensure complete darkness and then try to fall asleep again. We are sure that you will feel the difference immediately.

Use White Noise

For some people, the biggest reason for sleeplessness is distractions and light sleep. They immediately notice even the slightest sound and wake up immediately. To address that problem, we think a white noise generator could be a great investment. This machine creates a background noise that drowns out all other small sounds that may wake you up in the middle of the night, thereby allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Melatonin-Free Tablets

Given the notorious reputation of melatonin, it is natural for people to want something that allows them to sleep without getting them hooked. That is exactly what you get from a melatonin free sleep aid and they are just as effective as well. You get to sleep peacefully every night but without forming any addicting habits for the medicine either.

Final Words

Sleeplessness and insomnia are serious problems that require safe solutions without harming the body. With the tips shared here, you should be able to see some results in your sleep.

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