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7 Best Silk Pillowcases Brand for Hair and Skin

Best Silk Pillowcases

As more people become aware of the many advantages that silk offers, silk pillowcases are growing in popularity. The natural fibers used to make silk pillowcases are kinder to your skin and hair than those used to make conventional pillowcases. Additionally, hypoallergenic, silk pillowcases won't cause allergies to flare up.

Silk pillowcases are not only kind to your skin and hair, but they can also keep your skin nourished. Your skin won't get dry and irritated over the course of the night thanks to the ability of silk strands to retain moisture. Because a silk pillowcase keeps your skin hydrated and supple, it can also help to lessen the look of wrinkles.

If you have sensitive skin, a silk pillowcase is a great option, as it is less likely to trigger any irritation. People who have allergies should use a silk pillowcase as it won't make their symptoms worse.

For those looking to maintain good skin and hair, silk pillowcases are a great option. Silk fibers assist in maintaining the moisture in your skin and hair while being kind to both. A silk pillowcase is a fantastic alternative if you have allergies because it won't make them worse.

So, if you are looking for some of the best silk pillowcases to get all the benefits we mentioned, below is a short list of our chosen best silk pillowcases.

Best Silk Pillowcases for Hair and Skin

#1. Domingo’s 100% NATURAL MULBERRY SILK Pillowcase

Materials: 100% Natural Mulberry silk | Size: Standard | Closure: Zippered | Price: €62-69

Domingo’s Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made with 100% pure silk (Osta naturaalne 100% siidist padjapüür), which can give a lot of benefits to your skin and hair compared to other pillowcases. Not only is this pillowcase beneficial for skin and hair, but it is also very easy to wash and dry very quickly.

This pillowcase contains all-natural materials that are temperature-regulating and anti-moist. In addition to this, Domingo’s pillowcases are hypoallergenic and stand out against dust mites.

However, this pure silk pillowcase can provide some notable benefits to the skin. It helps to keep the skin moisturized, prevent the formation of wrinkles, and avoid acne. In addition, there are some hair-related benefits too. Domingo’s silk pillowcase prevents hair frizz and hair frizz.

#2. MYK Silk Pillowcase Collection

Materials: 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk |Size: Standard/ Queen/ King | Closure: Zippered | Price: Starting from $24.99

MYK Silk is another brand that sells OEKO-TEX 100 Certified silk pillowcases. The pillowcase from this brand is made of 100% Grade 6A 19 Momme silk that contains all natural and no harmful materials.

The good thing about this pillowcase is that there is silk on both sides and it is machine washable on a delicate setting. So, there is no worry about cleaning this pillowcase manually. In addition, this pillowcase is skin and hair friendly, which will give its user a comfortable sleep. So, there is a sufficient reason to buy this pillowcase.

#3. Blissy Silk Pillowcases - 100% Mulberry 22-Momme 6A Grade Silk

Materials: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk |Size: Standard/ Queen/ King| Closure: Zippered| Price: Over $100

Are you looking for a handmade and crafted silk pillowcase that is durable and high in quality? Then you can try the Blissy Silk Pillowcase. This pillowcase is made from 22-Momme 100% mulberry silk, which is completely hypoallergenic silk.

This silk pillowcase is guaranteed to be safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic as this brand has an Oeko-Tex Certificate. So, you can buy this natural silk pillowcase without having any worries. However, using this pillowcase gives so many hair benefits by reducing hair cuticle friction.

Not only does using this pillowcase give hair benefits, but this mulberry silk also prevents wrinkles and facial lines by retaining the skin's moisture. So, definitely Blissy’s silk pillowcase is worth buying.

#4. LILYSILK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase For Hair and For Acne

Materials: 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk |Size: Small/ Standard/ Queen/ King | Closure: Envelope | Price: Starting from $39

The Lilysilk pillowcases are 100% 6A Mulberry Silk, which means they are skin-friendly and breathable. This pillowcase silk is very glossy and smooth. The OEKO-TEX certification of this brand ensures that these silks are free of harmful chemicals and that they use totally natural materials.

This envelope-closure silk pillowcase is more comfortable and friendly for people with allergies. There are some other notable benefits included with this pillowcase. For example, having tangle-free, breakage-free, non-freeze hair in the morning.

In addition, there are also some skin benefits of using this pillowcase, including acne-fighting, wrinkle preventing, and hydrating. Overall, Lilysilk’s pillowcases are some of the finest silk pillowcases available on the market.

#5. Silk Pillowcases – Beejoya

Materials: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk |Size: Standard/Queen/King | Closure: Envelope | Price: $40-$45

The Beejoya’s pillowcases are a pure luxury that contain 100% mulberry silk on both sides of the case. This soft case contains a 22-moment tread that gives a luxury feel and is super beneficial for having healthy hair and skin.

Using this pillowcase can help you prevent bed head, sleep creases, hair breakage, facial wrinkles, and dry skin. Not only that, but this pillowcase is also sensitive-skin friendly. This pillowcase is OEKO-TEX 100 certified to be free from any harmful materials. You can therefore buy this pillow without any worries.

#6. DayeDream™️ 100% Silk Pillowcase (Standard/Queen) – Glow by Daye

Materials: High-Quality 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk |Size: Standard/ Queen | Closure: Zippered | Price: $59

Glow by Daye’s DayeDream Silk pillowcases are made from high-quality 22 momme pure mulberry silk. In addition, these pillowcases are totally handmade by professionals so that you can get complete comfort.

As you know, high quality mulberry silk has so many benefits, and DayeDream’s silks are no different from that. Sleeping on this pillowcase will benefit your hair and skin while also providing you a comfortable night's sleep.


Materials:6A Long Fiber Mulberry Silk |Size: Queen/ King | Closure: Envelope & Zippered | Price: $89-$110

SlipSilk is a reputed fashion brand that produces pillowcases that come with a combination of shine, softness, thickness, and durability. This band uses premium 6A long fiber Mulberry silk with standard 22 momme and the result is a premium silk pillowcase.

There are no toxic dyes used in the making of this silk pillowcase. This pillowcase will undoubtedly benefit your hair and skin.

How We Choose the Best Silk Pillowcases

Choosing the best silk pillowcase for you can be a tough decision. There are so many different types and styles of silk pillowcases out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

To help you find the perfect silk pillowcase for you, we ensure some important factors to suggest you the best product in the market. Let's see some things that we consider before choosing one.

Material Type:

The first thing we consider is the material of the silk pillowcase. There are a few different types of silk, and each has its own unique benefits.

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available. It's incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for pillowcases. It's also hypoallergenic, so it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Another popular option is silk blended with cotton. This blend is less expensive than pure silk, but it's still soft and gentle on your skin. But for the best sleeping experience, we only suggest a Mulberry silk pillowcase.

Available Size:

Silk pillowcases come in a variety of sizes. For that we ensure our chosen product has some perfect size options. Here, you'll need to choose a size that fits your pillow snugly. Otherwise, the pillowcase could slip and cause wrinkles.

Color Options:

We chose products with a wide range of color options. So, you can choose a color that coordinates with your bedding, or you can go for a bolder look.

Pattern Options:

Silk pillowcases can also be found in a variety of patterns. If you want something a little more unique, you can look for a pillowcase with a fun pattern.


A perfect pillowcase should be affordable. We know that not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on a pillowcase. For that, we’ve selected a variety of silk pillowcases at different price points.


The momme is the unit of measure for the weight of silk. The higher the momme, the heavier the silk. We choose pillowcases mostly 22-momme because this is standard and there are 25-momme options too if you want to buy a more luxurious expensive one.


In addition to being incredibly soft and luxurious, silk pillowcases offer a number of benefits for your skin and hair. But not every silk pillowcase can provide equally the best benefits. For this, we try to choose the best one as per personal use and customer review.

We hope that this guide has helped you find the perfect silk pillowcase for you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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