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10 Best Places for Vegetarians

The life of a vegetarian traveler can particularly challenging. There are now plenty of restaurants found in many countries of the world that choose not to serve meat. These kinds of restaurants are attracting more and more people, year on year.

See below, which areas of the world have been tailored for the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle...

Sub-Saharan African countries generally do not follow the vegan way of life, but vegetarians can visit restaurants with Lebanese or Indian cuisine to taste dishes without meat. An exception to this rule exists in Ethiopia, where eating meat during their holidays is part of the exercise of Orthodox Christian faith.

Beans are popular throughout South America, particularly in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. They can be found in various dishes mixed in with other vegetables and carbohydrate, tomatoes, corn, avocados, rice and potatoes. The country has many vegetarian restaurants and is the best place to try lots of vegetarian dishes.

San Francisco has shown a thriving vegetarian and vegan scene in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in recent years. A restaurant in this city was ranked by young people as the world's leading vegan restaurant serving stunning, high-standard cuisine, as well as offering great views of the Bay.

Mumbai is the place where you can sample some of the finest vegetarian dishes from all over India. They may be spicy but they are also delicious!

If you travel to Japan, you may prefer to stay overnight in well-known ryokans (family inns that offer guests breakfast and evening meals). Try the homemade local meat-free specialties and you will find it the best vegetarian food you've ever tasted. With its powerful Buddhist traditions, Kyoto is full of excellent vegetarian food options.

Even in China, where almost all living beings are considered edible, you can find incredible menus for vegetarians. Try dishes with wild mushrooms and wheat gluten so-called "budding meats." The best places to find first-rate Chinese vegetarian dishes are mainly in Singapore and Hong Kong, where there are many special vegetarian restaurants (360 in Singapore alone).

This country is known for its inexpensive and tasty street food, with many vegetarian options that usually include tofu and tempeh instead of meat. You can try what you want from the market stalls just have to watch the ingredients. You may be found in Bali wedding venues and all your choices are similar to this kind of diet, just because Indonesians may prefer to eat this way, even if it is about a very special day.

"South Indian food" is a general term for "pure vegetables" available on fresh banana leaves. They include dishes such as dosas, idlis, vadas and uttappams, all made of rice or lentil flour and served with spicy champagne and coconut salt from the street stalls, cafés and restaurants of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

India has about 500 million vegetarians, and is famous for its unparalleled variety of local cuisine. Gujarat is an ideal destination for vegetarians, as Zainism fans consider life so sacred and do not eat root vegetables such as onion and carrots because they think harvesting means killing the plant.

With the highest proportion of vegetarians in Europe and countless classic restaurant meals, which, of course are meat-free, Italy is the most vegetarian-friendly destination in all of Europe. There, you will find delicious baked or sautéed vegetable preparations, risotto, salads and pasta dishes in rural tortures, urban cafes and traditional tiramisu.

As you will realize, eating healthy without adding any kind of meat is a worldwide phenomenon that has fans all over the globe. Lots of people now realize that eating food straight from the earth can make you feel that you are someone who really cares about the planet, the environment and all of nature’s creatures.

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