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3 Best Pistol Lights 2022 | Ultimate Guide

Gun-mounted lights have been a popular trend in recent years. The use of a weapon light is even being advocated by certain well-known teachers. There is both good and bad news when it comes to handgun lights.

A lot of them are out there, so that's a good thing. In a terrible way, there's a lot of them around! You have a slew of possibilities at your disposal. In addition, there is a good amount of confusion when there are so many possibilities. We're here to help you through this tangle of weapon lights, so don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

Why You Need Weapon Mounted Lights?

Is WML required? That is all up to you. I'm not sure whether the answer is yes or no, but I can say that a WML may be quite useful. A danger must be definitely identified before a shot may be fired in self-defense.

Tossing lead about in the dark for no reason is pointless if you can't identify the danger. If you don't have PID, it's evident that you have no idea what a danger is or what it isn't. Breaking glass might be a sign of a danger or a clumsy cat in your house.

A danger may be briefly distracted and blinded with a weapon-mounted light, giving you an edge of a few seconds. Because it creates a "photonic barrier," the strong light makes it difficult for the intruders to see you.

Because handguns may be fired with only one hand, the term "hand" is significant in the name of the weapon. With a weapon-mounted light, you may hold both your handgun and the light in one hand for added convenience. Perhaps you're holding your youngster in a sling or on the steering wheel of your automobile with your other hand.

Different Weapon Light Sizes:

There are three sizes of handgun lights to choose from. In many respects, they are similar in size to most handguns.

  1. It's common for full-size lights to have the highest wattage and the most candelas in order to provide the widest beam feasible. Because full-sized firearms need full-sized lights, this is a safe bet. There's no shadow from the barrel thanks to their longer shape. Compact handguns may also accommodate larger lights. However, these large lights increase the overall weight and size of a weapon that was supposed to be light and portable.
  2. Back when full-sized lights were the norm, the idea of a compact version for the Glock 19 came to fruition; now there are a wide variety of compact weaponlights on the market. Meant for barrels that are less than 4 inches long, compact lights are designed to fit flush. Compared to their full-sized counterparts, these lights are lacking in power and range. But since they're so much more compact and lighter, they're far more convenient to carry in a disguised manner.
  3. It's the newest and best in tiny light technology: subcompact lights They're fresh off the press and already making a name for themselves. The size and weight of these lights have been decreased even more, and so has their output. This new and developing categorization of weapon light does not necessarily have specified sizes, weights, or power. As long as the rifle has a rail, they're giving subcompact lights.

Best Weapon Lights:

1 - Valkyrie Turbo

Using a light source suitable for use near the eyes, this is the first Valkyrie Turbo light. The new LEP lighting technology offers a 530-meter pure white beam with little spill for long-range illumination and target practice.

With a maximum light intensity of 70,225 cd at the same distance, it is much brighter. There is less light spilling out of the narrow and nearly no spilling LEP beam, resulting in a significantly brighter light that may be used for defensive purposes of temporarily blinding.

Two low-cost CR123A batteries let it run for up to 184 minutes. Short- and long-range shooting options are provided by the integrated Picatinny 1913 and Glock rail adapters. Installing this light on both long guns and short guns is possible with this gun light The rapid attach and release mounting mechanism allows you to connect and detach the light quickly and securely. The ambidextrous switch makes it simple to operate turbo and continuous or momentary on. The Valkyrie Turbo, the series' debut light, has one of the industry's largest white beams.

2 - Surefire X300U:

This is a good place to start: U Boat is a powerful, full-sized weapon light that's easy to carry anywhere. The 1,000 lumens and 11,300 candela of the Surefire X300 illuminate the path ahead. The Surefire X300U is no exception to the company's reputation for manufacturing bombproof weapon lights that I enjoy. Additionally, it serves as a no-fail light for armed professionals and hidden carries.

The X300U impresses me with its incredible combination of sturdiness, durability, and shock resistance. In the event of a rainy day, the IPX7 waterproof rating is a bonus. Most folks can't hit the target with their firearm because the light is too bright. The Surefire X300 beam cuts through the darkness, overcomes photonic obstacles, and even gives smoke and fog a run for their money, making it an excellent tactical flashlight addition to my arsenal.


Next, I'm going to go with the Best Budget option. The TLR-1 HL has a brightness of 1,000 lumens and a candela output of 12,000 lumens. A larger beam of the Streamlight TLR 1 expands your field of view even at close ranges, allowing you to see clearly around corners.

With an IPX7 rating, the Streamlight TLR 1 may be immersed up to one metre for 30 minutes. Its metal mainframe is impervious to shocks and dust. The TLR-1 is known for its durability, but I haven't pushed it through its paces like the X300U. The brilliant beam significantly illuminates a space and speeds up the process of looking for and identifying potential dangers. The TLR-1 HL is an excellent choice for home defense or concealed carry, and it's approximately half the price of the X300U. This pistol light is an excellent choice when I'm searching for a mounted flashlight for my weapon.


Now you know how to choose the best pistol light for your needs. All of the finest pistol lights in 2022 evaluations above will meet or exceed your expectations. This attachment is a must-have for most folks who possess firearms. They all understand the necessity of having a clear view of the target before attempting to shoot.

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