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How to Find the Best Nasal Air Filter?

Nasal Air Filter

Air pollutants are created by mainly two sources - natural as well as human. Most of the people think that how nature creates pollutants. Such types of emissions are like fire of forests, fossils, and lava from Volcanoes etc. Human generated pollutants are ground-level ozone, smoke from factories, chemicals concoction of dust and fine particulate matter. If we talk about fine particulate matter then Pm 2.5 and PM 10 are mainly emitted through fuel combustion. These fine particles are very sleek and enter into the body easily and affect immune and cardiovascular systems as well as create chronic and acute illness of respiration. According to GHO (Global Health Respiratory) report analysis that about 15% of stroke and ischemic heart disease deaths, 8% of COPD and 25% of lung cancer deaths are caused by Pm 2.5 and PM 10.

We can't control emissions because it is not in our hands and it is necessary in some sectors to develop the required things to fulfil the needs of people. But we should take precautionary measures to prevent these diseases. The first step you can take to protect your lungs is to use nasal air filters having layered security. There are lots of nasal air filters available in the market you can buy as per your requirements. 

We have described some steps to help you find out the best nasal air filters for you and your family...

Anti-Pollution air filter specifications

To get protection from non-oil-based fine particulate matter, N-99 and N-95 are the best choices. If you use N-95 filter then it can offer you 95% protection from PM 2.5 particles and if you use N-99 device then you will get 99% protection from these fine particles. For high-dense areas where PM 2.5 matters are highly dense in the air. You can also buy N-100 mask that offers 99.97% safety from these sleek dust particles. In case you live in industrial areas equipped with high-oil based matters, then N-filters are less effective. In these conditions you have to go with R-95 or P-95 as these filters are more effective in oil-based pollutants. But yes, with more effectiveness their cost is also high.

Ventilation and fitting of anti-pollution masks 

Ventilation is similarly significant, particularly if you are utilizing the mask or air filter while working out. A decent filter won't permit fogging and moisture close to the eyes and nose-scaffold. Also, search for one that has a CO2 outlet. Co2 outlets are very vital in masks and filters as they become close while breathing and open while breathing you. As one inhales, CO2 gets aggregated in the cover of filter. Your filter must has a CO2 outlet to allow the Co2 to leave the cover space. In the event that you are utilizing the filter while working out, at that point the CO2 outlet turns out to be considerably more vital and you may like to find the mask with twofold CO2 outlets. In common use you can go with single CO2 vent.

Additionally with the proper ventilation it is also required to choose the best and right size for you. Like, you can go with invisible nasal filters that fit inside in your nostrils and work the same as other safety devices. The mask of nasal filter you select should be best fit on your face and not allow any dust particle, pollen and pollutants to come inside while breathing. Stopping fine particles is highly essential because these are even thinner than your hair. So, you should be very careful while selecting an invisible nasal filter and normal air filter to have quality air.

Usage of nasal air filters

Filters are available to buy in both reusable and disposable form. Choice is yours. Sometimes the choice depends on the work requirements as well. People who are involved in medical services, industrial segment must use disposable filters. There are lots of online places available where you can buy these devices but not all of them are giving the best quality to you. So, before purchasing these devices you should be well aware of them and their usage. 

Filters that are intended for enhanced use should be stored and cleaned properly when free. Because filters themselves become affected from infection with viruses, pollens, mainly when you wipe with a moist paper or cloth if not aired and cleaned in the right manner. In insufficient storage of these devices may create fungi and bacteria as well as the elastic bands or holders may lose their elasticity. It creates breakage of the seal and allows pollen to enter while breathing.

Why Clenare for nasal air filters?

Clenare always offers the best quality and superior-fit air filters to the users as per their work requirements and air-quality. These filters they have are very handy so any can use them easily.

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