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The Best Medical Marijuana Products for Sleep

Recent regulations of hemp use in the United States has garnered more cannabinoid acceptance and usage. As new enthusiasts discover the potential benefits of hemp and CBD products such as oils, capsules, edibles (like gummy candies, teas, and baked goods), as well as THC variations, some wonder which hemp plant extracts to use for wellness. While some enthusiasts vouch for the best CBD oils or tinctures, others claim that THC's psychoactive properties can help with sleep issues. Here, we will look at THC and CBD, and which medical marijuana products are believed to be the best for sleeplessness.

All that being said, it's important to note that the FDA does not endorse any health claims for cannabis products. Both THC and CBD products are chemical compounds of the cannabis plant, but are not recognized as substitutes for medication or natural alternatives for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, muscle inflammation, or other physical ailments.

THC, CBD, and Sleeplessness

With hemp CBD products, sleeplessness is a common question. While both compounds are cannabinoid extracts of the hemp plant, THC is associated with a "high," potentially keeping the brain overactive at night. CBD's side effects, however, are regarded as a remedy for sleep deprivation, much like melatonin. Research may reveal the best CBD oil for sleep. If you suffer from poor sleep, both offer benefits, especially due to potency and dosage. So which is better? Perhaps, a combination of both.

Some in the CBD industry believe the best way to use any organic hemp for sleeplessness is as a ratio of equal parts CBD and THC supplements, at a small dosage, an hour before bedtime. Consult with your local CBDistillery and inquire how much CBD is the ideal amount for hemp use. Depending upon preference, you may try a little bit less within this ratio. Another factor may be the potency and purity of the CBD extract or hemp levels. The best CBD oils, creams, and tinctures will be free of contaminants, pesticides, and additives. Although most CBD products are THC-free, trace amounts may be left over from the extraction method at the brand's third-party lab. A pure CBD is usually ideal. An overly potent product (meaning one with a plenty of milligrams of CBD) can increase certain levels, actually adding to poor sleep or further sleep deprivation. While the FDA doesn't endorse any CBD brand or specific cannabidiol items as a sleep aid or cure for insomnia, researching online user feedback can be helpful.

Different CBD Products and Hemp Varieties

Suffering from sleep problems, or a sleep cycle not allowing enough sleep, can be frustrating. There are many varieties of cannabinoids for those sleep issues, as well as products to mix and match for the most restful sleep. For example, many people smoke their hemp, while others prefer vaping or taking CBD oils. Likewise, you can enjoy CBD gummies, CBD topicals (such as external CBD oils, CBD tinctures, solvents, or creams), or hemp bombs in the bath for relaxation. As long as the ratio of the milligram levels is balanced, you can achieve the desired effects for a good night's rest. If you suffer any anxiety disorders, you should tweak the amount of THC, or research a higher dose of CBD or lower doses of either extract.

Keep in mind the pros and cons of all hemp products, regardless of the CBD company or brand. Each may have the desired effects within minutes, but for some people it can also cause restlessness. In addition, the effects wear off within a four hour window, unless given a higher dose. For a deep sleep, enthusiasts recommend edibles, although the desired effects can take longer at bedtime. These can last for up to eight hours. According to studies on neurological activity and sleep disorders, this is the ideal number for hours of sleep, as well as sleep quality and rest. Finally, hemp teas are a relaxing alternative, in the same way mint, peppermint or chamomile teas have similar desired effects to melatonin for the best results.

In addition, many CBDistillery locations offer bundles for CBD promoting a good night's sleep. In accordance with state law, you may have to inquire about dosage and potency at the CBDistillery. However, here you can get the best value and recommendations on such paired items as full-spectrum CBD oil (or other full-spectrum products in the hemp line), broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum oil, or recommended THC and CBD products. Sometimes, a full refund is granted if your sleep issues persist, even with lower doses, or the effects of CBD don't help you achieve a healthy sleep-cycle.

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