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Find the Best Keto Energy Drinks Online

The Ketogenic Diet, or Keto for short, has been the most popular way of eating for the last several years. Proponents say they can lose even massive amounts of weight, without really feeling like they are dieting.

Keto is simple: you avoid foods with carbohydrates and reduce your protein levels while keeping your fat levels as high as you would like. Keto is a great way to melt away a few pounds or to make more life-altering changes for severe health issues.

How Does Ketosis Work?

One constant with Keto is that at all stages, you are limited on your total carbs allowed. For most people, this means no more than 30 net carbs a day for many people, sometimes less. Your specific carbohydrate limit to stay in ketosis will vary. Some people can have 60 grams of sugar, some 25. Some people will need more or less protein as well. Carbohydrates are how the brain gets energy. The process of ketosis convinces your body it is starving and will begin to use ketones in your blood to break down the fat into something that can nourish your brain.

This conversion process uses a huge amount of energy, so you end up with a caloric deficit, which allows you to lose weight. The downside is that this can cause a brain fog that makes every thought feel like it has to travel through mud to get to you, especially while your body is adapting to fat as your energy source. One solution to help clear the cobwebs is to drink a high-quality sugar-free energy drink.

Any energy drink that you drink on Keto will need to meet the same requirements as everything else you consume. A few carbs too many can kick your body out of ketosis, causing your weight loss to stop for days or weeks while you get fat adapted all over again. This is why having a good sugar-free energy drink is so helpful. You can keep your head clear without having to overload on sugar substitutes or chemicals.

There are sugar-free energy drinks in the grocery store and gas stations, but these energy drinks are loaded with chemical ingredients. A better solution is an all-natural energy shot. These natural energy shots will have a few carbohydrates since they are made from fruit and vegetable juices, rather than a chemical concoction. Even still, these shots are low carb enough that they will not interfere with ketosis, and the natural ingredients are easier on your body than artificial ingredients would be.

Not All Sugar-free Energy Drinks Are Created Equal

Avoid the temptation to just grab a sugar-free energy drink at the gas station. While sugar-free energy drinks and sodas will not kick you out of ketosis, they are loaded with ingredients that can interfere with your metabolic processes. Some people have reported that excess sugar alcohols have stalled their weight loss, even without kicking them out of ketosis, and the chemistry lab’s worth of ingredients is bad for your body in many other ways.

Your best option for a keto energy drink is one that is naturally low in sugar. Black coffee and unsweetened green tea are the most keto-friendly options out there, but they aren’t your only choices, and they aren’t the most effective. Moderation is good, so an energy shot that is low in sugar will still work for you, as long as it is just a few grams of natural sugars, and none added. All-natural energy shots aren’t available in most stores, so you will need to seek them out online and order them by the case for your home.

If you are looking for the best option for a keto-friendly energy drink, make life easy on yourself and keep a case of natural energy shots in your house. It will help you avoid being stuck grabbing something that might be sub-optimal from a grocery store or gas station.

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