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Best Indica Strains to Buy Online

Indica marijuana is a purple beauty that has an extra kick that some people need in their marijuana.

Part of what makes Indica so special is its resin, but it could also be its ability to survive in some of the harshest conditions. The potency layered in Indica strains make it the best option, especially for those dealing with certain health issues.

The Skywalker OG

The Skywalker OG is one of the most popular strains out there, and it's beloved by many weed enthusiasts. One thing people love about this particular strain is its THC content, which is very impressive.

Now, just because the strain is powerful doesn't mean it is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. No, this strain actually gives you a more mellow effect that should promote relaxation and happiness. Those dealing with stress or really need to take a break from regular day-to-day issues should definitely find the Skywalker OG strain divine.

There is a lot to love about the Skywalker OG, like its earthy smell; the smell reminds people of rain when it first hits the ground. If you were to taste the strain, you may experience a blend between sweet and spicy. Those who are experiencing pain should definitely consider this particular strain.

The Banana Kush Indica

Here comes another indica blend that we think will definitely impress some people. It is a blend of Ghost OF and Skunk Haze, and it is really out of this world. Most of the people who choose the Banana Kush Indica end up experiencing a full body high, which is pretty exciting if this hasn't been experienced before.

There is no doubt that this is a very powerful strain that offers a mellow high and a bit of buzz. Some people consider the strain a social bud because it smells awesome while smoking, and it just feels fun, and those characteristics make it the perfect social bud.

The people who can benefit most from this strain are those dealing with serious stress and tension.

Yes, people dealing with pain or even depression could also benefit from the euphoric feelings you might feel from inhaling a little Banana Kush Indica. It should also be pointed out that people dealing with nausea, muscle tension, and insomnia have also seen positive results after choosing this strain.

The Strawberry Kush

The Strawberry Kush is another highly rated indica strain with a fun name that you probably won't forget.

People who want sedative effects have come to the right place because smoking the Strawberry Kush gives you just that. The THC content in the strain is very high, which is part of the reason the sedative effects are so long-lasting.

One of the perks of smoking this particular strain is that it doesn't make people feel too drowsy afterwards. The Strawberry Kush won't really knock you out, making it the perfect choice for those who still have a lot to do during the day and need to stay as productive as possible.

Now, the name evolved from the fact that it does smell and taste like strawberries, making it a pretty fun experience.

Those dealing with headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, or other forms of stress should definitely give this strain a shot. It is a mellow high without being too overwhelming in a time when you don't need to be tripping. Start small, and see how it goes from there.

The Girl Scout Cookies

Another good option to remember when you order indica online in Canada is the Girl Scout Cookies Indica strain. This is definitely a powerful strain that you really shouldn't messed with until you have time to just ride out this fun high.

The THC content is part of the reason the Girl Scout Cookie is in demand. Those who want an instant high don't need to look further than this strain, and it is going to give you a euphoric experience that is long-lasting.

Of course, this particular strain does have a few medicinal purposes. People can use it to combat issues like chronic pain or eating disorders. Some people use it to try to calm their nausea because no one wants to experience nausea throughout their entire day.

When you smoke this strain, you are going to taste brown sugar, nutmeg, and even mint, so be prepared for a unique high.

The Super Skunk Indica

The Super Skunk is just one of the strains you've got to try one day.

It is a pure high with some effects that you are going to love to experience, like an enhanced ability to concentrate. For some reason, this strain has the ability to wash away some things that could be clouding your mind and give you a chance to see the big picture.

People who have trouble concentrating because of stress or some other issues have used this strain to overcome some of these challenges. Smoking it reminds you of a sweet fruit mixed with some spiciness.

Depression, stress, insomnia, pain, and PTSD are some of the issues you could overcome a little more effectively when using this particular strain. It should be pointed out that some people feel a little drowsiness after smoking the Super Skunk, so make sure you don't take this strain until you are ready and not planning on going out on a drive anytime soon.

The Grandaddy Purps

The Grandaddy Purp indica is another strain that is just brimming with THC, so make sure to take the right amount each time to be on the safe side. Smoking produces a very sweet aroma mixed with sandalwood. This makes it a pretty pleasant weed to smoke.

It should be pointed out that actually smoking it will probably remind you of grapes because that is what others have experienced when smoking it.

This indica is mostly used for people who are dealing with chronic pain and people suffering from insomnia since it does give you a powerful high. Of course, those dealing with stress can also benefit from this strain.

This is another full body experience, so make sure you are ready to smoke the Grandaddy Purps before actually igniting your blunt or however you will be smoking it.

The Bomb Indica

As the name suggests, the Bomb indica is a very powerful weed that comes packed with THC. This is another one of those strains you are going to need to plan out time to smoke and not just light it up whenever you feel like it.

The high hits the body hard, and it doesn't stop hitting the body for a while, which is part of the reason some suggest that the Bomb be used to deal with chronic pain.

There is no need to continue to feel joint pain or arthritis if you don't need to with the Bomb Indica strain.

We think it would be a good idea to take this strain while in bed or on a big comfortable couch so that you can ride out the high a little more comfortably and in a safe place.

Hopefully, one or some of these strains interest you enough to give them a shot. You can order them online, and use them for whatever you need. Allow the strains address the issues your struggling with, and don't forget to have a little fun with them, too.

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