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What are the Best Herbal Vaporizers?

Best Herbal Vaporizer

Marijuana vaporizers dry herb are currently booming for cannabis users at the online stores. They are a device that, despite its cost, brings high benefits in terms of long-term health. It is a tool even widely used therapeutically since it can be used to vaporize any type of aromatic plant or flower that is desired. Therefore, we want to tell you which are the best herbal vaporizers and dry herb vaping health benefits.

By vaporizing instead of inhaling the smoke from the burning grass (as is usually done by smoking), it is possible through high temperatures (approximately 200 degrees) to heat the cannabis, evaporating its psychoactive components, generating an aromatic vapor full of the properties of essential oils that when inhaled do not lead to inhaling irritating toxins for the respiratory system.

It has been evidenced in practice that the desired effects are maintained and do not present any alteration, guaranteeing the same enjoyment.

How the Best Cannabis Vaporizers Work

Marijuana is vaporized in two ways: Conduction or convection, generally found in portable vaporizers.

Conduction Vaporizers

Driving was the first technology, this is to apply heat directly from a surface to the grass, it is a very simple way that has a quick vaporization time, in addition to being applied to the most economical vaporizers.

Its main disadvantage is that only the components of the part of the plant that directly touches the emitted heat evaporate, leaving the rest of the grass intact. The plant has to be rotated to take full advantage of it.

Convection Vaporizers

The convection technique came later, applied to the newer and therefore more expensive vaporizers. The air is blown from the heat source through a nozzle to the marijuana deposited in two chambers, the heat is evenly dispersed as a hot stream, allowing even the inside of the plant to be used. The best herbal vaporizers work with this method.

In the market there are different types of vaporizer that vary in cost according to their designs, mechanisms and techniques, generally classified as desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are characterized in that they must be connected or plugged in, they have the main advantage of having more constant temperatures and better steam quality.

Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

And the portable vaporizers that are the most desired because they can be taken anywhere. They have a battery, some run on gas, they are practical and currently have different sizes, designs and mechanisms, including a button to adjust the temperature. And there are them to vaporize herbs, oils or the combination of the two, known in the market as hybrid vaporizers.

Of the portable vaporizers, the following can be found among the best models tested to date, variable in their price according to the needs and economic capacity of the consumer:

  • Xmax V2 Pro Herbal Vaporizer: Average price of $ 280 thousand Colombian pesos, with a nice aesthetic, portable, thin and light, with nickel tray and supports both herbs and oils and also comes with a cleaning brush.
  • Snoop Dogg G Pro cannabis vaporizer: It is an economic option since it is around $ 155 thousand Colombian pesos, it is youthful, simple, it has 3 types of temperature, however many reviews indicate that to have a good vaporization you must use its maximum temperature. Due to its low price it is a good option if you are looking for economy.
  • Boundless CFC: Its price is around 89 Euros. Very small in size, fast heating, digital temperature control and insulated air duct. Easy to use, producing high quality clouds quite aromatic. Warranty of approximately 3 years.
  • Flowermate Aura: ITS cost around 89 Euros. With heating chamber, longer battery life, very effective. It works for dry herbs, waxes and liquids, unfortunately this product is already discontinued and original parts are very hard to come by.
  • Storm: Approximate value of 90 Euros. At an affordable price, it works with a single button, ready to use almost immediately in a minute. It is a vaporizer that allows the use of herbs and resins, with a pure vapor with an excellent smell and flavor.
  • Pax 2 Vaporizer: High-end vaporizer with a price of 199 Euros. With a futuristic appearance, compact, very discreet in its size, powerful; It has automatic shutdown, without removable battery. Allows use with oils, shelf life of approximately 10 years.

Finally, remember that in we want your comfort, for that reason is that we have the shipping system to all of without shipping costs. We also invite you to know all the best herbal vaporizers, and our blog section.

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