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Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Sometimes all it takes to put a smile on our face is a good hair day, but quite often, we just can't seem to get it right. That hairdo we get at the salon is often just there but not quite and it can be extremely frustrating!

Regardless of your hair type, thin, curly, dry or oily, there are certain hair care tips that apply to everyone and knowing these basics is very important if you want to establish a good routine that will work for you on a daily basis.

The following hair care tips and tricks from professional hairstylists will help you get gorgeous, healthy hair in between your appointments.

Pick the right haircut and maintain it

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

The expert advice is to start by finding the right stylist who can create a hairstyle suitable for you and your hair type, and who will also be able to explain how you can maintain that look. This typically means getting regular trims, which is once a month for short hair and every six to eight weeks for long hair.

Use the right products

A good stylist will also help you with the choice of hair products that are the most suitable for your particular type of hair. For instance, using shine drops with an external heat source help repair dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. For brassiness in blondes, experts recommend trying violet shampoo and conditioner to combat those unwanted tones. Texture and volume spray can provide a boost for thin and lifeless hair, whereas smoothing creams can tame thick, disobedient hair. For curly hair, leave-in conditioner and curl cream are excellent allies.

Change up your shampoo

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

When you choose your shampoo, bear in mind your specific hair needs, just like you do with prescriptions. Focus on your hair’s important needs at present, as these needs change continuously. If you notice your shampoo has stopped giving the desired results over time, it typically means it has done all it can for your hair and it’s time to change it up.

Boost your volume

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

For straight hair lacking volume, the advice is to blow it in the opposite direction of the way you want it to sit, so when you bring it back over, your hair will seem fuller and thicker. You can also try to direct the airflow towards the nape of your neck and point your hairdryer downwards as that's how your cuticle goes as well, so as heat increases, the drying time of your hair above will be shorter.

To have more control and more accurate airflow, use the thinnest nozzle on your hairdryer. If you have curly hair, use serum or oil and dry it at a lower heat and speed using a diffuser to minimize damage. If your curls don't last very long or they quickly go frizzy, make sure you wash them more thoroughly.

If you’re still unsatisfied with your hair volume, you can easily transform your look by using clip in hair extensions that will instantly add volume and give you fuller, longer and more beautiful hair.

Invest in good quality hot tools

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

We can't speak of good hair care without high-quality hot tools - there's just no getting around it. You might spend hundreds of dollars on a blow dryer and flat/curling iron, but even they can't last forever. Make sure you get a warranty because there's always the possibility they might burn out.

Also, be careful when travelling – it’s not only the outlet size that matters, but the converter as well as it needs to convert both volts and watts. Moreover, as much as your hot tools are important, the staple of your hair care is a good brush as well. Don't get stingy here, invest in a great quality brush that matches your hair type. Ceramic brushes have holes that allow easy airflow, soft bristle ones add shine and reduce frizz and tension, and for curly hair, the best is to get a wide-tooth comb as this reduces frizz

Protect your hair

Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Using heat to style your hair is a double-edged sword. It does give you a professional finish, but you must protect your hair from heat damage. Make sure you always use a heat protectant serum or spray before you treat your hair with heat. There's a wide choice of various treatment oils that break down under heat and their ingredients penetrate your hair giving it extra protection and reconstruction.

Haircare doesn't necessarily have to be difficult or frustrating – with these pro hairstylists' tips and tricks, you too can make your hair look fantastic and healthy with little effort!

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