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Best Hair Removal Solutions For Men

Hair removal is not easy for both men and women. There are various temporary solutions and some permanent too. You can do these solutions at home, but few of them must be done by professionals. But every solution has its pros and cons. You need to be very careful about your skin when trying these hair removal techniques as your skin can be sensitive. Know about your skin and do a little homework about the procedures and things used for hair removals.

As we know that there are two ways of hair removal, so let's talk about them.

Temporary Hair Removal

In temporary hair removal techniques, the hair starts growing again within 3-7 days. This is a kind of instant solution, but not a long term solution. In some cases, these temporary solutions can be good for you, and some can have the worst results. There are various other options in temporary hair removal methods too, such as...

Hair Removal Solutions
  • Shaving is done by body-specific shaving razors and blades. It is a painless procedure. It just removes or cuts the hair from the upper layer of skin and has nothing to do with the deep end of hair on the inner skin. The hair starts appearing after 2-3 days of shaving.

    It is also believed that hair starts growing thick after shaving; well, this is true to some extent. But if you want a hairless body throughout, you have to shave at least two times a week.

    Remember that razors for facial shaving and body shaving are different, so look before trying out this procedure. Be careful as you can have cuts, ingrown hairs, and red bumps after shaving.

  • Hair removal cream is yet another method of painless hair removal temporary method. There are different creams introduced in the market used for hair removal by just applying them to the area where you don't want hairs for a few minutes. And when you remove the cream, hair removes with it. There is no risk of cuts in this procedure, but it can cause redness or irritation to your skin if the cream is not of good quality. This method also removes hair from the upper layer of skin and does not go to the lower end of the hair in the skin. The hair starts appearing with 3-4 days.
  • Waxing is quite a painful procedure because it removes hair from the skin's surface and pulls out hair from the depth. If done from time to time, it reduces hair growth, and you will notice how less the hair growth is than before. It is better than the other two methods, but people avoid it because it's a little bit painful, and some people have very sensitive skin that cannot bear waxing.

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal is not something you can do by yourself at home. It must be done by some professional person or under professional guidance. It is easy and mostly painless, but the machines need to set up by a professional person who knows about your skin type and tolerance. Permanent hair removal is not done in just one go; you need to get sessions from time to time. But it has long term effects; your hair starts appearing after 4-5 months at a minimum. It can have a longer period depending upon the type of treatment you are having. This procedure is a bit expensive, so most people can't afford it.

Places where you can go for hair removal

Although you can do a few hair removal methods at home by yourself, their help is also available. Just like women salons, men salons are also available where they offer all kinds of services. For example, a beauty salon for men, is the best place to find solutions for all your problems. From hair removal to facials and others, they have almost everything to offer for your grooming. Check them out! They are the best in town.

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