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The Best Foods for Energy in the Gym!

Gym and the training in general, need a right and well selected nutrition … a fact that many people ignore! The biggest mistake made by most of the persons training, is to go for exercise hungry, which results in a “running out” of energy and not being able to perform well on the exercises. What this means? WASTED EFFORT and WASTED TIME in the gym!

There are certain foods which are indicated for consumption before your body exercise, since the boost the organism and feed it with high energy amounts! In this way you succeed not only a better performance on the exercises but a higher strength as well!

The “foods – fuel” for the gym!

No. 1 Food: The honey

Honey is really a magic food! It is an incredible healthy carbohydrate (YES there are such carbohydrates), which due to fructose contained, provides an incredible stimulation to the organism and gives to it a unique energy boost!

NOTE: Honey is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B9, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc (the best ingredient for natural male enhancement pills) and phosphorus.

It is not a coincidence that bodybuilders and in general persons involved with the body ripping consume honey! Due to its particular composition, honey as a carbohydrates’ source, is absorbed easily and in a better way from the stomach compared to other foods!

No. 2 Food: The coffee

Coffeeisthemostpopularwaytoreinforceourenergy……either before the work, or before the gym! Research has shown that a cup of coffee before the training may boost the exercise benefits to a great extent and to maximize the weight loss!

NOTE: According to a Spanish study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, the athletes who received caffeine before their training, have burnt 15% more calories from those who received an iconic medicine (the so called placebo).

No. 3 Food: The chocolate

An ideal food for the period BEFORE (this is very important) the training.

NOTE: In fact according to scientific studies, the chocolate (and more specifically the dark chocolate), has the capability to stimulate the heart in a way similar to that of the aerobic body exercise!

The substance epicatechin found in cocoa and in the dark chocolate in general, increases the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells, exactly as in the aerobic exercise (per example the running, the biking, the swimming).

No. 4 Food: The yogurt

It sounds strange, but yogurt is an excellent snack for the period AFTER the training! The excellent mixture of carbohydrates and proteins offered by a tub of yogurt to organism, is the best for the treatment of muscles after the body exercise and their strain!

Yogurt’s proteins direct to organism precious amino-acids which help the restructure of muscles, while the carbohydrates stimulate and activate the tired muscles again!

NOTE: In an ideal situation you may drink a glass (at least) of water along with the yogurt!! The water is absorbed better due to proteins and we do not face the risk of dehydration!

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