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Help Your Dog Beat Separation Anxiety With the Best Dog Sitting Services in Tampa

A lot of pets suffer from separation anxiety solely because the owners leave them for some time. Want to know how you can beat this anxiety? It’s time for you to join hands with pet care services in Tampa.

Dog Sitting Services

Imagine a day when you come home after a long day at your workplace to a jumping, spinning, and hopping whirlwind of the energy of your happy dog. The pup following you everywhere into the living room and you find your favorite pair of shoes chewed up. Your neighbor comes to you and once again complains about your dog and it's crazy habits of howling and barking all over the people while you’re away. Is this scene familiar to you? If yes, then there must be separation anxiety in your dog.

In a natural way, dogs are almost never away from their pack and it’s your responsibility to make them feel natural in this stressful situation.Don’t worry because dog anxiety is quite common when you’re not able to spend enough time with your pets.

Tips By Pet Care Services To Get Rid of Separation Anxiety in Your Dogs

Here are a few tips by pet care services that could help you out in taking care of your dogs better!

Before leaving the house, take your dog out for a walk

Always begin your day by taking your pet out for a brisk walk. If you want to make the walk even more rigorous, you must use a dog backpack with extra weight inside it. Then reward your pet with the cal-submissive energy with water and food. Some dogs might need rest before eating up, however, all the dogs can benefit a lot from hydration. The idea is to leave your dog in resting mode while you’re away from home.

No touch, talk, or eye contact

Don’t make it a big deal for your dogs when you’re leaving for the day or while you’re returning. This way, you’re communicating to your dog that the time apart is not a very big deal. It’s usual! So, depending on the dog’s anxiety, you need to practice the rule for around five minutes or up to an hour before you leave or when you get back.

Say bye-bye to your dog long before you leave

If you’re having trouble practicing the ‘no-touch, no talk, or the no eye contact' thing, then take a moment to share the affection and tell your dog that you’ll miss him/her before you actually leave for your work. Keep in mind that the display is for you and not for your dog. The dog won’t have to hurt his own feelings if you didn’t say goodbye at the end. So, do it long before you leave for your workplace.

Stay assertive and calm

So, whenever you’re ready to go to work, leave the nervous, guilty, and all the concerned feelings behind. Instead of that, let your dog know that everything’s gonna be fine by projecting the confident energy of the pack leader. An assertive and calm leader will always ease separation anxiety in dogs.

Initiate small by leaving the dog alone just for five minutes

Leave the dog alone just for five minutes and then extend the time gradually to twenty minutes to an hour. Continue to increase the time as you spend away until you leave to complete eight to nine hours for your job. This will eliminate many dog problems.

Leave the dog with a good audiobook

Studies have shown that a good audiobook might have a calming effect on the dogs and it will help you lessen the anxiety in your dogs. The sound of a human voice can really reduce stress while you’re not at home.

In case you have a success story of getting your dog through anxiety without any pet care services, then do share your wisdom with us!

Happy dog moments!

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