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Best Dog Breeds - Most Popular Types of Dogs

Best Dog Breed

Dogs and all the love and loyalty they give humans are what make them adorable. While all dogs are capable of providing love and happiness to our lives, we cannot deny that some people favor certain kinds of breeds.

Our preferences are usually motivated by our experiences with dogs. For some, they may have happy memories with a Maltese as a child. On the other hand, outdoor enthusiasts are usually fond of herders like Australian Cattle Dogs since these pets always accompany them on their outdoor adventures. To know more about dogs, give a thorough read to the dog blog.

If you’re wondering which breeds fall on the first ten slots of the most famous dog breeds in the world (according to August 2018 to July 2019 Google Trends data), make sure to read further!


Countries most popular in: Hungary, United States, and the United Kingdom

Google Trends suggests that Bulldog is the most searched dog breed globally, amounting to 1.5 million searches every month. No wonder why this is a chart-topper—its distinctive wrinkled face, large ears, and adorable puppy eyes are what makes it a sought-after breed. Commonly known as the English Bulldog - view here - and British Bulldog, what lies beneath its brawny façade is a soft, friendly personality.

German Shepherd

Countries most popular in: United States, Poland, and Slovenia

This medium-to-large-sized pupper is a consistent chart-buster for its striking wolf-like features, unwavering loyalty, impeccable intelligence that remains unmatched, and the best personal protection dogs among dog breeds. Agile, active, and easily trainable, this breed can be a great pet, a reliable guard dog, and a fantastic fitness buddy.

Labrador Retriever

Countries most popular in: Sri Lanka, United States, and the United Kingdom

This large and friendly tail-wagging friend is ranked as the most popular dog breed in the United States by American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1991 due to its outgoing, intelligent, and affectionate disposition, hence making it a perfect family pet. It exhibits unparalleled friendliness and obedience to children and adults alike. And despite their relaxed personality, they can engage in extended activities outside!

Siberian Husky

Countries most popular in: Russia, Armenia, and the Czech Republic

Often confused with a wolf or Alaskan Malamute, this hard-working dog is perfect for long-distance hiking, running, and walking, especially during winter. Siberian Huskies are famous for pulling sleds over cold landscapes and their compelling blue eyes.


Countries most popular in: Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala

Hailing from China, this adorable dog breed is famed for its body rolls and facial expressions. Pugs may be toy dogs, but beneath their seemingly meek exterior are qualities of a big dog. They love playing, showing their affection, and they make amazing bed-warmers!

Golden Retriever

Countries most popular in: Lebanon, United States, and Canada

This dog breed has been gracing the top dog breeds in the United States since time immemorial. Golden Retrievers enjoy playing outside and accompanying people in their outdoor activities. They make fantastic family dogs because of their docile, friendly, and outgoing disposition.


Countries most popular in: Japan, Argentina, Uruguay

When people say they want fluffy dogs, they usually want a Poodle! A few years after World War II, this breed was the most popular one in the United States. Poodles come in three different sizes: standard, toy, and miniature. All sizes get along well with other pets but can be extremely shy around strangers.


Countries most popular in: Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Mexico

This toy dog breed was named after the largest Mexican state and is a famous national symbol of the country. Chihuahuas are known to be aggressive and jealous of other pets, which makes them unsuitable for children who are easily frightened. Nevertheless, they still make adorable, excellent house pets.

Did you see your favorite breed on our list? Remember that popularity shouldn’t be your sole basis when choosing the perfect dog for you! Keep in mind that the ideal dog for you is the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Author bio

I am Mike Powell, a dog fanatic and writer from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California in the United States. I’ve done my best to mix those two passions into something interesting and helpful on my website, Dog Embassy.

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