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The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

Why Australia is ahead of everyone else and Italy is behind

The level of development of the specialty industry in the country is influenced by the level of coffee consumption, which is inextricably linked with history. But there are also exceptions. We will tell you where the industry is best developed: in Europe, America, Asia, or Oceania.


The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

European specialty coffee houses and roasting companies are taking over the industry and there are more and more of them every year. You can find out more about them on the European Coffee Trip website, where it has already been written about 421 roasting companies and 1752 coffee shops.

Norway has the 2nd largest coffee consumption in the world, so it is not surprising that specialty culture is highly developed here. Oslo is home to Nordic Approach and Collaborative Coffee Source, some of the world's most renowned suppliers of specialty green beans. Coffee enthusiasts also flock to Oslo to visit Tim Wendelboe for coffee roasted by the world champion.

Berlin is the coffee capital of Germany. No wonder that World of Coffee was held here in 2019. In Berlin, you can taste and buy coffee from world-renowned roasters - The Barn, Five Elephant, Bonanza Coffee.

In Italy, specialty coffee is more difficult. Even after almost 100 years, Italians continue to make traditional espresso. However, there are also roasting companies in Italy that specialize in specialty coffee. For example, Gardelli Specialty Coffee. Its creator Rubens Gardelli is the 2017 World Roasting Champion. He is so passionate about coffee that he strives to make it unique and pays no attention to tradition.


The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

The United States imports the most coffee in the world, but more than half of the country's population still consumes dark roasted coffee.

Despite this, it was in the United States in 1982 that the American Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) was organized, which in January 2017 merged with the European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE). The combined organization SCA has become the center for the promotion of specialty coffee around the world.

Although Americans love Starbucks coffee, there are more specialty coffee shops and roasts every year. The big third-wave companies are Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in Chicago, Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina, and some Coffee Roasters in Boston. This big three is an example of the philosophy and goals of specialty coffee in America.

It was also American roasters who pioneered the production of instant specialty coffee.


The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

In China, coffee is still drunk with cream and sugar, but specialty coffee is growing in popularity in large cities.

At the same time, coffee is grown in China. The coffee industry in China is developing very rapidly, with many Q-graders emerging, modern processing stations being built, and the Best of Yunnan competition held every year.

China confirms the development of the industry at the championships. For example, in 2019, the Chinese barista Jia Ning Du won the World Coffee Brewing Championship.

However, the Chinese do drink coffee, which is mostly roasted overseas. Green grain is also supplied to the country but in very small quantities.


The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

Since 2003, the Specialty Coffee Association has existed in Japan, and the country itself is one of the largest coffee importers in the world. It is drunk here on a par with green tea.

Hario and Kalita are engaged in the production of coffee equipment. And coffee pioneers see Japan as their primary source of inspiration - including James Freeman, founder of the Blue Bottle Coffee Company in Oakland, California.

Well-known trainer and barista Yoshiharu Sakamoto from Japan says: “In Japan, over the past 10 years, the consumption of specialty coffee has increased dramatically, as has the number of coffee shops. As a result, many traditional Japanese coffee houses with dark roasted coffee and bitter taste began to close. "

In 2014, the World Barista Championship was won by Hidenori Izaki from Japan. He was the first representative of Asian countries to conquer the world coffee arena.


The Best Coffee Roasters by Country

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) was founded in 2001

For many, this country is synonymous with specialty coffee. In almost two decades, the industry was able to develop so much that at the end of 2018 there were more than 20 thousand coffee shops in Australia, employing 140 thousand people.

Australians have their own style of coffee. They mainly focus on espresso-based coffee beverages rather than filters as in most of the world. At the same time, they tend to a lighter roast compared to the USA and Europe.

In Australia, drinks are called special. For example, flat white (flat white), long black, long macchiato. However, most of these drinks differ only in the amount of espresso and milk foam.

In this country, the barista profession is recognized as important: "Australians expect their coffee to be made by a specially trained barista, and not by someone who simply pushes a button." With such an emphasis on the role of the barista, it is no surprise that Matt Perger won the 2012 World Coffee Brewing Championship. And the world champion in the classics in 2015 became Sasha Sestic.

History does not always affect the level of specialty coffee in a country

We did not tell about all the countries, because otherwise, we would have to write a whole book. But we have analyzed the outstanding representatives of all parts of the world.

The level of the specialty coffee industry depends on the history of coffee consumption in the country. China has always been a tea country, so the level of the coffee industry here lags behind other countries. Coffee has appeared in northern Europe for a very long time, therefore the specialty coffee industry is at a high level here.

But this is not the case everywhere. For example, Italy is considered a trendsetter in the coffee world. But the specialty industry lags far behind here. In Australia, the opposite is true - this country is not even included in the top 25 countries for coffee consumption in the world. At the same time, the industry of high-quality coffee is the most developed here.

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