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What Is the Best Age for Kids to Get Braces?

Kids get Braces

Your child's teeth are perfect. They're not too crooked, there's no overcrowding, and they don't have an over or underbite. Even with all these perfections, it's still possible that your child may need to get braces.

All it takes is a small misalignment to cause problems. Your child could wear down their teeth by grinding them as they sleep. Their jaw may start to make noise, or it might get to the point where talking is a struggle.

Making an appointment with an orthodontist can increase your child's quality of life and keep their smile on the right track toward greatness.

The question is, what age should you make their first appointment? We've got all the answers you need right here. Keep reading to learn more.

What's the Best Age to Get Braces?

There's not really a wrong age to have braces. Many adults opt to get them to make small corrections to their smile. Most parents take their children in for their first orthodontist appointment when they are between the ages of 9-14.

During this time, all the child's baby teeth have fallen out, and their adult teeth are growing in. The longer you wait, the more mature and responsible the child will be with their braces, as well. They'll better understand how to clean and take care of them.

Why Do Children Get Braces?

Teeth straightening is only one reason why you would fit your child with a pair of braces. There's a lot of oral health conditions that an orthodontist visit can fix.

If the child's baby teeth come in early or late, they suck their thumb, breathe through their mouth while they sleep, their jaw makes noises when they chew, they have problems speaking, their teeth are crooked or misaligned, or they grind their teeth during the night, they need braces for kids.

Of course, this is only a beginner's list of common issues. Just because your child isn't showing any of these symptoms doesn't mean that you shouldn't make an appointment with

How to Tell Your Child Needs Them

The best way to tell if your child needs dental care is to pay attention to how their adult teeth are growing in. While their baby teeth were nice and perfect, permanent teeth don't always come in straight.

Many times, they grow at an angle and straighten out as they move into position. If your child's permanent teeth don't fix themselves, traditional braces may be able to take care of the problem.

Taking Your Little One to the Orthodontist

We know we said that the best time for braces is between the ages of 9 and 14, but you don't have to wait to make an orthodontist appointment.

A dental professional will be able to take a look at the child's teeth and decide if they need braces or not based on their bite patterns and the way their adult teeth are coming in.

It could be true that your child doesn't even need braces. Some other orthodontist treatment could do the trick instead. Either way, if your child begins showing some of the signs that we listed above, don't wait to make an appointment.

You can take them as early as 6 years old if your child's teeth aren't growing in the way they should. Early intervention means that your kid may not have to wear their braces as long.

Getting ahead of the game with their treatment can also make space for their adult teeth that are still growing in. That will decrease their risk of having crowding issues when they get older.

What to Expect Out of the Checkup?

So, what can you expect out of your child's first orthodontist appointment? It's pretty much a consultation. The orthodontist will observe the child's tooth growth to determine if they need treatment.

Even if everything is fine and the child's teeth are straight, the orthodontist may still want to monitor their pearly whites. If this is the case, they'll suggest that you come back at a later date and walk you through making a second appointment.

What Kind of Braces Are Available?

What type of braces your child gets depends on how bad their condition is. The orthodontist will most likely set your kid up with traditional braces. They're the cheapest ones, and your child can customize their own bands.

The kid may qualify for invisible braces. They're removable, so your little one won't have to make any adjustments to their diet.

Duration of Braces

Again, the sooner you take your child in for orthodontic treatment, the better. It will decrease the amount of time they have to wear their braces.

The average is about 18 months. Throughout the treatment, your child will have to go in for checkups. The orthodontist will monitor their progress and adjust the bands if the child is wearing traditional braces.

Side Effects

As long as you go to a reputable orthodontist, your child shouldn't experience any side effects. There will be some soreness right after the treatment. It will be hard for them to eat anything but soft foods.

This soreness will go away after a while but will come back every time the child has to go in for braces tightening. It's possible for your child to experience allergic reactions, but this is rare.

Take Care of Your Little One's Smile

Your child could have a perfect smile, but still, need to get braces. The orthodontist will suggest treatment in the case of tooth grinding and jaw clicking.

The best age for braces varies from child to child. Most orthodontists will suggest waiting until after the kid's 9th birthday when they will be emotionally mature enough to handle their treatment.

For more tips that will help you take care of your little one's smile, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.

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