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7 Benefits of Wearing Shoe Insoles
and How to Choose Them

shoe insoles

The average person has right around 19 pairs of shoes at any given time, rotating through old pairs and adding in new ones. They play a key role in our daily ability to function and are a great way to express your fashion sense and personality.

But not all shoes are created equally and some need a little extra help to meet your feet's needs.

That's where shoe insoles come in to save the day! You might be thinking that insoles are only for the elderly and their bland shoe options, which would be completely incorrect. There are so many benefits of adding shoe insoles to every pair of shoes you own and here are seven of the most important reasons you should start today!

1. Increases Arch Support

When we hear the advice to get insoles for shoes, our minds automatically go to adding support to the arch. For good reason too, this is one of the biggest, most helpful benefits of these inserts.

Oftentimes, the most fashionable shoes aren't the ones designed to help keep our feet in the proper position with the right amount of stability. Which is fine for occasionally wearing but can do some serious damage if worn every day, all day. If that's the case, you'll likely start to experience many foot issues.

An insole can prop up the arch on the bottom of your foot to keep everything aligned correctly. You'll be amazed at how long you can walk without feeling tired feet!

2. Prevents Foot Pain

Walking around without the proper arch support can lead to a lot of pain in that area of the foot. But wearing unsupportive shoes can also leave other areas of your feet feeling uncomfortable as well.

Shoe insoles for flat feet or those with other problems can completely change the way they feel at the end of the day.

An insole can keep the foot from rolling in or out while you walk, keeping everything straight. This allows the muscles in the foot to relax and not have to work so hard to hold everything in the right position. That eliminates so much fatigue and pain!

3. Reduces Unpleasant Smells

Everyone who has worn closed-toed shoes has experienced the not-so-pleasant smells that can come from wearing them for an extended period of time. What's worse is when those smells become a part of the shoe and you can't get rid of them.

It truly can ruin the experience of wearing that particular pair of shoes.

But when you add an insole to the shoe, you can reduce those odors significantly. Either because the insole is designed to help improve circulation to eliminate the odor altogether. Or because you can remove the insole and wash it for a fresh start whenever necessary.

This is especially important when you're buying high-end shoes like these Kevin Durant sneakers that you want to wear for a long time!

4. Improves Posture

One of the biggest sources of overall body pain, stiffness, and soreness is our posture. The way we hold ourselves affects so many areas of your overall health, it's important to try to maintain proper alignment as much as possible.

Finding the best shoe insoles for standing all day can help force you to stand in the correct position, eliminating that source of pain and problems. If you struggle with your posture, getting customized insoles can be a game-changer!

5. Allows for Easier Movement

While there are many reasons to get insoles for shoes, a very common one is to help improve athletic performance. Specific insoles for running shoes are designed to help improve the structure surrounding your foot so it can be more effective.

The additional support an insole brings prevents your foot from having to absorb so much of the impact. This keeps you feeling lighter and allows you to move at a much quicker pace. Not to mention the significant reduction in injury, fatigue, and soreness you'll feel after a long run.

6. More Comfortable Fit

Let's face it, not every beautiful shoe is comfortable to wear. Some shoes are made purely with the design and aesthetic in mind and it can feel like you have to sacrifice your comfort to be able to wear them.

Luckily, this simply isn't the case! Shoes with removable insoles can be both awesome to look at and amazing to wear, there doesn't have to be a compromise on either side. You can completely change the feel of the shoe by adding an insole that solves one of the issues you're having.

This is where going a customized route for insoles helps give you the perfect fit and optimizes the feeling of the shoe.

7. Adds Warmth

Sometimes a shoe looks and fits great but you still don't find yourself choosing to wear them because they don't provide the warmth you're looking for. This is especially true for those shoes we want to wear in the colder winter months.

Adding furry, fuzzy insoles can take a shoe to a whole new comfort level perfect for enjoying time in the cold.

These insoles are less about alignment and proper placement of the foot inside the shoe, and more about adding in those textures that will keep the heat in. Having removable insoles gives you the opportunity to customize your experience based on the weather at the moment!

Start Wearing Shoe Insoles Today

One of the worst things is to find a pair of shoes you love, with a design that makes you excited to wear them only to realize they are uncomfortable and unbearable to wear. It feels like such a letdown and a waste of money.

Luckily, adding shoe insoles can make a world of difference and fix a lot of the problems we experience with our shoes! There really isn't a simpler solution! Not to mention the ability to find fully customized insoles to match your exact feet needs and give you all the benefits you're looking for.

If you're interested in learning more about other ways to improve your daily life, check out our other articles today!

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