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5 Impressive Benefits of Telehealth

Benefits of Telehealth

There has been a 154% increase in telehealth visits since the last week of March 2020. Knowing the benefits of telehealth will convince you to opt for it whenever possible.

What is telehealth? It's when a visit with a doctor or healthcare provider occurs via telecommuting through a computer or phone.

Taking care of your health takes time and effort. Meanwhile, with telehealth, you're only a few clicks away from receiving the healthcare you need.

Here are some telehealth benefits to consider:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Some of the biggest telehealth advantages relate to its financial benefits. Telehealth costs are substantially lower than the costs associated with in-person visits.

Healthcare professionals and patients alike save money with telehealth. Using telehealth options improves practice revenue and decreases overhead costs. Meanwhile, patients don't have to pay extra fees or transportation costs.

As such, telehealth also offers the following benefit:

2. Convenience

Convenience is another one of the biggest telehealth advantages there are. After all, it allows you to attend healthcare visits and checkups in your own home.

Telehealth uses familiar technology as a platform for visits. This technology is often accessible and easy to use. It's also fast, so you save a lot of time with telehealth.

Kiya Longevity offers telehealth visits for the sake of convenience and optimizing care with science-backed solutions. Learn more about Kiya Longevity via the aforementioned link.

Speaking of accessibility:

3. Accessibility

How does telehealth work? It involves meeting with a healthcare professional by using your internet connection or phone. This makes healthcare more accessible for people with disabilities and people in rural communities.

Delivering healthcare to rural communities is a challenge for many providers. Fortunately, telehealth is capable of providing convenient, cost-effective treatment options to the people in these communities.

Attending doctor visits is especially challenging when someone has a disability. Switching to telehealth helps people with disabilities meet with their doctors in a regular, timely fashion. This factors into the following benefit:

4. Decreases No-Show Patients

Again: Attending healthcare visits takes time, effort, and energy. Using telehealth services means patients are more likely to show up to visits and receive the help they need.

It's easier to see a doctor when your scheduled visit occurs in your own environment. This ensures that you receive help and the doctor gets paid. Both doctors and patients benefit from the time-saving element of telehealth, which often gets in the way of in-person visits.

5. Social Distancing

It's important to engage in social distancing whenever it's necessary. Telehealth makes it possible to socially distance yourself while getting a healthcare professional's input.

During a pandemic, socially distancing is a crucial safety measure. By attending telehealth visits whenever possible, people are reducing their risk of getting sick and staying safer because of it.

Use the Benefits of Telehealth to Your Health's Advantage

Currently, around 72% of U.S. hospitals are connecting with patients through telehealth. As more people realize the benefits of telehealth, the more prevalent it will become.

Since COVID-19 has made telehealth a more favorable option, the experts at Healthline created a guide outlining what is covered under Medicare. They discuss the different parts and what services, medications, and treatment are included under each part to help Seniors identify the best plan for their needs.See Does Medicare Cover Telehealth? and Medicare Part C Eligibility.

The American Hospital Association supports the expansion of telehealth services. Doing so will increase patient access, which makes healthcare more available in general.

Look after your health—check out our health and wellness articles. It'll help you understand your body better.

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