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The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

As the saying goes, music is a universal language. This is true because anybody can follow any tune and dance without necessarily comprehending the message. On top of music being a known way of entertaining, it is also a way of educating, appreciating and passing different messages to society.

However, while many people have come to appreciate acapella music, you can agree that musical instruments make a tune better and sweeter. Do you know what is even better? It is knowing that you are the person behind that well-played piano, electric guitar, violin, saxophone, keyboard, cello or any other musical instruments. These days you can easily learn to play latin percussion instrument online.

Nevertheless, this is not the only benefit that you get. Did you know about the Tanpura, a classical music instrument from India? Learn more about Tanpura, how it works, the different types and famous makers of Tanpura.

Below, we discuss 4 benefits of playing a musical instrument.

1. It enhances creativity

Unconsciously, playing a musical instrument very often eventually increases the love for music. Naturally, after some time of playing music composed by other people, you would want to tell your own story by composing your own music. It requires a lot of creativity to deliver a clear message through music and still make a sweet rhythm while at it.

Creating and writing your own music is the first step. You need to take another step to record it. In this step, you identify the sound you want for your song. This means you need to test different sounds in the computer and identify which ones to mix. You can use a music production software to perfectly mix sounds and come up with a perfect musical tune. It is also applicable when you want to use virtual instruments in your music.

2. It enhances physical and mental wellness

Singing or listening to music is a known stress reliever. Cheery music brings about positive energy and slow music can help you calm down by relaxing your muscles. Better still, when learning to play a musical instrument, your mind is occupied with something fun and enjoyable. This refocuses your mind from feelings of stress and anxiety. This in turn reduces the chances of contracting stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, cardiac problems, depression and anxiety.

Besides playing a musical instrument for fun, it is also a way of exercising. For example, a keyboard requires a lot of strength in your upper body hence building muscles. Additionally, when playing for long hours, it can help improve your posture and increase stamina.

3. It improves patience and time management skills

The truth is that musical instruments are not easy to learn and perfect. It is not something you can succeed overnight. It requires a lot of time and consistency. It also requires extra effort, especially when your end goal is to create your own music. If you are to become a perfect player, then you must be patient to learn the loops. The good thing is that once you learn, you can only get better. Once you have mastered the skill, you get to learn and appreciate the importance of being patient.

In addition to being patient, proper time management is essential to successfully learn to play a musical instrument. Whether doing it as a hobby or for your musical career, it is something you create time for from your daily tight schedule. Juggling between a tight schedule and time for playing only makes you better at time management.

It is for this reason that playing instruments is a perfect way for teaching children on how to manage their time properly. Through managing their study time and learning to play instruments, they are left with little time to waste.

4. Playing a musical instrument can be a source of income

Interestingly, you can learn to play a musical instrument at no cost or very cheaply and in return earn from it. Definitely, you cannot talk of good music without perfectly played instruments to accompany it. With the growing numbers of music composers and music bands, the market for music instruments players is increasing as well.

If you can compose, sing and play the instruments yourself, you save a great deal and make more money.

Additionally, with the improved school curriculums that include music classes for learners, you can earn from teaching learners how to play instruments.


Judging from these benefits, the ability to play at least one musical instrument should be a top priority. You don’t have to be interested in music to learn, you can do it for fun and to keep yourself occupied. It is beneficial for your mental wellbeing. It doesn't necessarily mean you learn the complicated ones. Just a simple instrument can be a good start.

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