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4 Surprising Benefits of Smiling
(Physical and Psychological)

Benefits of Smiling)

When it comes to smiling, many of us don't do it enough. It's seen as a warm gesture to let other people know you're feeling positive emotions, but people don't often think of it as much more than that.

This is a mistake!

The benefits of smiling can't be overstated.

Not only are there many psychological benefits to having a sunny expression on your face, but there are also actually physical benefits of smiling!

Read on to find out all the reasons you should smile more, from the ones that affect your brain to the ones that affect your body!

1. It Elevates Your Mood

The most obvious reason to smile more is that it affects your mood.

There are many psychological benefits of smiling, but mood elevation is the one you'll feel most.

Try to make a conscious effort to smile at other people more — and even just to yourself — and you'll notice a positive uptick in how you feel!

2. It Can Boost Your Immune System

Did you know smiling has physical health benefits, like boosting your immune system?

Yes — there are actual health benefits of smiling!

The fact that your immune system gets a boost when you smile means that you more you smile, the more chance you have of prolonging your life. Isn't that amazing?

3. It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

As if the immune system health benefit wasn't enough, one of the health benefits of laughing and smiling is lowered blood pressure!

The body is amazing and when you're smiling, the brain takes signals that you're happy and don't feel stressed out. This is why your blood pressure ends up going down.

High blood pressure can lead to all sorts of problems and becomes more common the older you get, so it's important to take action if it's high.

It's awesome that one of the effective actions you can take is to smile more.

4. It Makes You Attractive

Smiling makes you attractive, but not just to potential romantic partners. It'll make interviewers warm to you more if you're applying for a job, or make friends feel good to be around you!

The issue with this can be is that people don't always realize it, because they aren't confident in their smile.

If you aren't, time to take action — one of the benefits of Invisalign is that you'll smile more when it's done!

The Benefits of Smiling Are Numerous!

Smiling, to put it simply, just makes you feel good. It works to improve your physical health and your psychological mood, giving you a boost.

Try to smile more, and you just might notice a huge difference. These benefits of smiling are just some of the awesome things it can do for you, and you might notice other effects you hadn't even expected from making an effort to smile more!

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