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All the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

It is no secret that smoking is one of the menacing lifestyle choices, and stopping this addictive behaviour is not easy. Despite the fact, many cigarette smokers have thought about quitting this life-threatening habit but haven’t gotten the courage or the right means of going about it.

When you think of giving up on smoking, committing to it is the first step. Several people choose different methods of scraping this habit; some try to stop it cold turkey, some minimise their intake from regular smoking to smoking occasionally. Most people choose to switch to less threatening alternatives like the new electronic cigarettes.

So, the question is, what are e-cigarettes and why are they called the less threatening alternatives? Do the benefits of e-cigs really outweigh the risks posed by traditional cigarettes? Let’s find out the benefits of e-cigarettes in this quick blog post!

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are mechanically-operated cigarettes that contain less toxic chemicals and have the ambition to help people quit smoking forever. E-cigarettes are known by many names including, e-hookahs, vapes, vaporiser cigarettes, vape pens and more.

E-cigarettes don’t really resemble traditional cigarettes as they come in various shapes like pens, vintage pipes or USB drives. The e-cigarettes’ manufacturers claim that e-cigs are made to assist regular and hard smokers in cutting down or quitting their addiction.

How Harmful Are E-Cigarettes?

Saying that e-cigarettes are safe would be wrong because even though the substances used in them are in lesser quantity, they can still harm your body. However, traditional cigarettes contain relatively more harmful substances like tobacco and nicotine; their high quantity makes them riskier than e-cigs.

Additionally, when traditional cigarettes are burned, they produce more hazardous substances like carbon dioxide, tar and carbon monoxide. These substances are way more hazardous for the human body and cause diseases like heart attack, lung cancer and chronic diseases. In contrast, e-cigarettes do not emit any harmful substances as they do not require burning. The only thing they emit is the aerosol the person inhales that can also be inhaled by the people standing next to him.

Benefits of Switching Towards E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes give us the chance to reduce our daily intake to lessen our addiction, which is a choice unavailable to us in traditional smokes. To help smokers quit smoking, the benefits e-cigarettes provide are:

● Nicotine Replacement

E-cigarettes can be a less-threatening alternative to your traditional cigarette containing harmful substances like nicotine. E-cigs enable smokers to mimic that hand-to-mouth smoking ritual while delivering the vaporised Flavours nicotine. Electronic cigarettes have no toxic by-products as contained by tobacco in traditional cigarettes. Thus, regulating the amount of tobacco and nicotine is made possible with the help of e-cigarettes as they feel acceptable and more natural to addictive smokers.

● No Burning, No Toxic Chemicals to the Lungs

E-cig does not require burning; burning produces many harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar due to smoking tobacco.

These harmful substances are evaded with the help of e-cigarettes as they don’t burn tobacco.

● Fewer Chances of Developing Diseases

With the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative, we can curb the chances of developing various diseases like coronary heart diseases, cancer, serious morbidities, and premature death. Since traditional cigarettes are the reason for many diseases, e-cigs reduce them by a wide girth.

● Less Toxic Substances

The 7000+ harmful toxic chemicals present in the e-cigarettes are nowhere to be found in the e-cigarettes. The e-cigarettes contain lesser, more specific ingredients that also have the possibility of being reduced every time a new e-liquid solution is bought.

● No Unpleasant Smell

Another advantage of vaping e-cigarettes is that it contains no noxious order. If you choose to switch to e-cigs, don’t worry, you, your clothes, car, and house will not smell of smoke. E-cigarettes have quite a pleasant aroma. What’s more interesting? If you vape tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, it will not smell like burning tobacco.

● Flavours for Every Taste Bud

Switching to e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, you can have unlimited flavour options to treat your taste buds while satisfying your smoking addiction at the same time. Some of the most desired flavour categories in the e-liquids are desserts, fruits, menthol, ice, beverages, and tobacco. Not only this, if you don’t like the commercially available e-cig flavours, you can make your own vape flavour.

The Bottom Line

Considering the benefits of electronic cigarettes that outweigh the traditional cigarettes, it is possible to stop smoking altogether. Using the e-cigarettes, with commitment and dedication, many people have successfully stopped smoking by turning towards ecigarettes and then gradually reducing their dosage, which ultimately led them to stop their addiction!

If you are a regular or heavy smoker and believe in quitting, buying e-cigarettes is the best alternative. At Terpy, which is the best e-cigarette shop in Europe, you can find the cigarettes and eliquids that will gradually help you curb your addiction and save your life.

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