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The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

CBD Oil for Cats

If you have owned and taken care of one or more cats during your lifetime then you will have experienced seeing them go through pain, anxiety in stressful situations, or a lack-luster mood, and this can be upsetting. Even more so when children are involved and we know-how attached they can get to animals.

We would put the ailments and health issues down to age during the older days and thus accepted the transition of our feline family members moving on into their golden years.

While this may still ring true as we have yet to find the antidote for agelessness (watch this space) we can help them the best way we know how, with a healthy and nutritional diet and lifestyle so they can age gracefully. How can we begin, well, this is where CBD comes in.

Introducing CBD to your cat.

CBD has been treating animals across the globe for years and its popularity is increasing daily as the news spreads of the effects this ingredient has on the body and the quality of life it is giving back to older cats and animals in general.

You can watch an interesting video here of a cat owner who not only uses CBD for her cats but also herself and how they both enjoy the positives from the plant. It also shows us the versatility of the flower and all its parts and this feature is what makes it all the more sought after.

There are a few ways to implement CBD into your pets’ diet (besides holding them down and forcing it into their mouths). You can soak a few drops into their meal and stir just before serving, it won’t alter the taste so they will be none the wiser. Or add it to the milk bowl and as they drink they get the needed calcium and vitamins but also the positives from CBD.

CBD works hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system in the body and thus makes it the perfect ingredient to manage and maintain how the body functions. As it regulates the internal workings and neuro functioning of the brain it significantly reduces and in most cases eliminates the build-up cats experience between muscles and joints.

With less inflammation from painful joints and arthritis essentially a thing of the past there is no reason why CBD couldn’t be part of your family and pets’ lifestyle.

CBD Oil for Cats

Top 3 positives customers noted when using CBD for their cat.

Apart from the few mentioned above the list of benefits is lengthy and increasing daily, having spoken to hundreds of cat and pet owners who have used Cannabidiol for a few months and ranging up to decades we chose the most popular points the customers commented on.

  • Mood. Believe it or not, cats get mood swings too, they feel highs and lows and can get depressed, walking around lethargic with no zest for life. Changing their diets or re-evaluating the dose of CBD could help alleviate these symptoms and it could be as simple as a new meal plan.

See this link for added guidance on what to look for and be aware of when it comes to changes in your cats’ behavior and morale, they may just need an extra cuddle but if there is more to it, it is best to catch it early.

  • Seizures. If you have seen a cat have an epileptic fit then you will know how horrible it is and the trauma it causes them. CBD has been shown to reduce and regulate the pulses sent by the brain and this way the sudden outbursts that cause the seizures to occur are essentially ruled out.
  • Stress. Like with humans they too have feelings and get sensitive, and this causes a high level of unpleasant anxiety, which we can manage to the best of our ability. Changes to their environment such as moving house, or they got into an altercation with the neighborhood pets are all stress triggers. Using CBD can help them manage the way they react to these situations and soon you’ll see the move may not affect them as much as you had expected.

There are dosages and concentrations for all cat breeds, types, weights, and heights and this is what makes this product so great. It is not contained to a specific demographic and pet owners around the world can enjoy its perks as one big CBD family.

Product safety.

Using CBD is good, but always ensure you buy from a trusted supplier. You want the best Cannabidiol product for your cat and this entails doing the necessary homework and research to ensuring you are purchasing from a reputable source.

Too often the label states there is CBD in the product when there may be little to even none present and you are left wondering why you are not seeing any changes as you have heard from other CBD customers.

Check the source of origin, visit the website, and read the clients’ comments and reviews. You will gain insight into the quality of the product you are considering buying and if all the information is easily accessible it shows the company has nothing to hide and prides themselves on their products.

Contacting them with any questions you have is a great way to speak to an industry expert and it will give you peace of mind that your cats’ health is in good hands.

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