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Discover the Benefits of This Calming Exercise

Calming Exercise

If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering why people love it so much. Yoga has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years and has been shown to have many physical and mental health benefits. It can help you develop strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, focus, and peace of mind as well as help reduce pain and stress. Yoga in Gent will introduce you to the practice and equip you with the knowledge and motivation needed to practice regularly at home or in class!

What is Yoga?

Most people think that yoga is only a workout to slim and tone muscles. However, yoga is so much more than that. Yoga has so many benefits, such as improving mental clarity, helping you sleep better, alleviating aches and pains, and relieving depression.

The poses are good for your body because they help improve flexibility and stretch your muscles while strengthening them at the same time. It also aids in healing injury quicker by helping release toxins from your muscles, which can cause pain and inflammation.

Yoga will make you feel stronger, healthier, and more connected with yourself. Yoga in Gent provides classes on weekday mornings and evenings; there are different levels of classes available. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing yoga class or something with a little bit more intensity, Yoga Gent will have something just right for you!

Whom can benefit from a Relaxing yoga Practice?

Everyone can benefit from a relaxing yoga practice. Whether you are an experienced yogis or it is your first time on a mat, there are many benefits to trying this mindful exercise. Yoga teaches body awareness and offers mental clarity through meditation.

It also strengthens your muscles, increases balance and coordination, relieves tension and reduces stress levels while improving moods. Whatever goal you have in mind, incorporating some basic yogic principles will only enhance its accomplishment.

These principles include postures, breathing techniques, physical exercises (such as poses), and contemplation (meditation). The postures are meant to stimulate energy flow in your body so that it may be directed towards achieving your goals. For example, if you want to feel more energized for work each day then some specific poses would be beneficial like those that promote circulation such as the plank pose or the warrior III pose. If you want to release emotional energy then poses such as child's pose or happy baby pose would be more effective at accomplishing this task.

How Does One Prepare for a Yoga Class?

Getting ready for a yoga class can be tricky as it has a lot of different rules and guidelines.

However, these simple steps will help you get started on your new routine:

  • Decide what type of class to go to
  • Bring your mat and towel (or rent them at the studio)
  • Find parking and walk over to the studio
  • Once inside, find where you should check-in or sign-in and wait until you are guided into your class
  • Take off any jewelry or clothing that might obstruct movement or absorb sweat/oil and dispose of it before entering. Stay barefoot unless told otherwise by your instructor.
  • Most studios will ask you to fill out a waiver, do so and keep it on hand just in case.
  • Most instructors will have a brief introduction explaining what to expect during class (but they may vary)
  • If you are new to yoga, try some beginner classes before trying out advanced ones. They will help get you used to poses and aid with your form and breathing. Once you become more comfortable with them, and then try other classes like Bikram or Vinnitsa.

The Physical Benefits of a Regular yoga Practice

Whether you are brand new to yoga or are looking for a change from your typical routine, our yoga classes have something for everyone. All experience levels are welcome. Yoga at our studio can be as relaxing and fun or challenging, as you want it to be. In addition, we have an on-site full service kitchen that offers homemade healthy meals and snacks. You will not leave hungry! Check out our blog post Healthy Recipes for more information.

Our classes are a great way to relieve stress and gain mental clarity while staying in shape! We offer a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinnitsa Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga and Kirtman Chanting. No matter what style you choose we will make sure, you feel cared for with personalized instruction to suit your needs.

Mind and Body Connection

Much like any physical activity, the mind and body are connected to one another. Yoga has become an increasingly popular way to connect with both. In a recent study by Ohio State University, researchers found that yoga helped with lowering stress levels. Another study by Duke University found that people who practiced yoga had improved moods and energy levels on average as well as reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression when compared to those who did not do yoga or take other kinds of exercise. Beginners all the way up to advanced practitioners can do yoga from home.

The health benefits do not end there. When you practice yoga your breathing increases, which helps oxygen flow throughout your body. Since our brain is about 80% water, it also gets extra oxygen, which makes us more alert and focused. Our brain is also the most important organ for keeping our emotions in check so this increased focus helps keep things calm.

Another reason why people say they find peace while doing yoga is because they have time to let go of worries and thoughts that have been on their minds since they woke up. It is almost like a form of meditation where you clear your head so it feels less cluttered.

Choosing a Routine That Works For You

Choosing a routine is important because one that works for you might not work for someone else. Your routine will be individualized to your body and what works best for you. Here are a few things to consider when trying finding the right fit:

What type of yogi are you?

If you are looking for spiritual growth, there are many different yoga practices out there, which will help you achieve your goals. On the other hand, if you are looking more towards physical fitness, then an Asthana or power vinyasa class might be right up your alley.

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