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6 Health Benefits of Mixing CBD and Coffee

In many ways, mixing CBD and coffee has proved to be a healthy combination. Cannabidiol, in itself, offers an abundance of health benefits like insomnia, anxiety, relief of pain, and inflammation. On the other hand, coffee brings alertness, focus, awareness, and energy. When combined, the two work in synergy and often perform even better than when used in isolation.

As an anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure medicine, CBD is an excellent additive for combating anxiety and depression. Also, coffee has a few properties that make it the drink of choice for many. For one, its aroma alone actually has anti-anxiety properties. The smell of coffee alone can make you feel good and relieve nervousness. So, what happens when you mix and take CBD and coffee together?

Mixing CBD and Coffee

1. Enhance Mental Alertness

Adding CBD to your coffee can further enhance the mental alertness you get from coffee. Essentially, CBD also interacts with the same neurotransmitters responsible for producing these effects.

Neurotransmitters control our mental alertness in the brain. Adenosine is one such neurotransmitter, and when it builds up, it progressively slows down the neuron’s ability to send messages. This, in turn, makes you feel tired and slow. Coffee blocks the effects of such neurotransmitters by attaching to the receptors itself. This helps to keep you awake even when you feel tired.

CBD’s interaction with adenosine is, however, much more complicated compared to that of coffee. CBD is considered a modulator of adenosine. It can, therefore, improve the efficiency of adenosine directly. When mixed with coffee, CBD can enhance caffeine-induced alertness to help keep you alert for longer. However, more research is needed to know how CBD can improve mental alertness induced by coffee.

2. Control Anxious Side-Effects

Anxiety is one of the leading reasons why people prefer mixing their coffee with CBD. Coffee, being an anxiogenic substance, can cause and even boost anxiety levels. This can also result in a spike in stress levels. High coffee intake can also make you jittery at times, which can be very stressful, especially for people with chronic anxiety disorders.

CBD, on the other hand, is a known anxiety-reducer. It offers several different mechanisms to achieve this instead of relying on one property. Therefore, mixing coffee with CBD can be a good combination and solution, especially for people prone to anxiety. This mixture allows you to keep your coffee habit while the CBD counteracts the coffee’s anxiety-inducing effects.

Mixing CBD and Coffee

3. Treating Headaches

Drinking too much coffee can result in not getting enough sleep, resulting in headaches. The same effect is true when you stare at a screen too long. Here’s where CBD comes into play. CBD edibles are an excellent pain management solution.

Mixing CBD and coffee can be an excellent solution for people perpetually plagued by headaches. CBD can provide relief and offer pain management that enables you to perform your tasks more effectively.

Teas infused with herbs like chamomile, peppermint, and valerian also have unique properties that aid in headaches, pain relief, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammation properties.

4. Stay Awake

Feeling tired and sleepy is one of the common complaints associated with using CBD. It’s essentially a natural downer and helps put you in a calm demeanor that’s often observed in marijuana users. CBD can bring feelings of relaxation and calmness, especially at high doses. However, other users may see the relaxation properties as an annoying side-effect. Coffee can be quite handy at counteracting this effect. It can naturally boost attention, memory, metabolic rate, and reaction speeds.

Coffee can cause a spike in energy levels to the point that it may harm people with chronic stress. Its consumption increases the stress hormone levels in the bloodstream. Therefore, mixing CBD and coffee can be the best solution for people trying to stave off sleepiness caused by CBD. Now, You can Get Your CBD Wholesale At MWI and reap out all the benefits of it.

Mixing CBD and Coffee

5. Experience Longer-Acting Benefits of Coffee And CBD

The liver processes almost everything that enters the body for elimination. The liver uses specialized enzymes to disassemble cell byproducts, drugs, and other compounds in the bloodstream. However, even the liver has a limit to its metabolizing power. A sudden increase in compounds like CBD and coffee may end up stressing the liver. Although the liver will try to process and disassemble these compounds, overall metabolism will be slowed down.

Like rush hour traffic that slows down from the sheer volume of cars, too much traffic to the liver will slow down the overall processing of these compounds. This essentially means that when taken together, the processing duration of both CBD and coffee will be longer. And so, will their effects on the body.

6. Better Sleep

Coffee generally doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Do you ever wonder why your friend could sleep just fine after taking a coffee while you can’t? Well, the body generally processes coffee differently from one person to the other. Also, you find that people who consume coffee more regularly build up a tolerance to its effects over time. As this happens, you will have a much easier time being relaxed, even after taking large amounts of strong coffee.

In theory, this means that you can train your body to become more resistant to coffee to sleep better after consuming a mug of coffee. But why would you want to go through all that trouble when there’s a much simpler solution? CBD is a known natural sleep aid. If you can mix the right dose of CBD into your coffee, you can reap coffee’s immediate productivity boost without sacrificing your sleep. You get the best of both worlds.

Bottom Line

There you have it, six of the most potent health benefits of mixing CBD with coffee. It’s, however, important to reiterate that a mixture of CBD isolate and coffee isn’t the best solution for users with severe medical conditions. You may need to consult an expert before taking CBD with your coffee. Still, this is the best morning fix that you can ever have with your coffee. Try out this fantastic combo and find out yourself!

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