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Living Well: 3 Positive Benefits of
Keeping Sports a Part of Your Life

We all know that 2020 was a year for the record books. But if one thing was true about 2020, it was the year that made it difficult for everyone to enjoy, engage in, keep up with, or play sports of any kind.

Many people consider 2020 the year without any sports season. And if you were able to watch any games, you may have noticed empty stadiums for most of the year. This not only affected the players on the field, it also affected how we were able to watch sports.

Before 2020, you could watch current games whenever you wanted but when the pandemic hit, sporting programs were affected by the lack of sports or the lack of viewership during the year. Thankfully, now that the world is opening back up, you can watch all of your favorite sporting events by downloading free sports streaming sites and simply going to see your favorite teams play in person.

Keeping sports in our lives has been linked to greater mental and physical health. And in this post, we’ll explore a few ways how keeping sports in your life is beneficial.

A Sense of Belonging

Being a part of a team isn’t for everyone. But as we humans are social creatures, we’re innate at forming teams.

When we become part of a team, especially at a young age, it teaches us the fundamentals of camaraderie, communication skills, and instills our first impressions of companionship. Studies have also shown that those who engage in sports at a younger age are more likely to develop complex communication skills and be better able to communicate across cultural barriers.

But above all, being a part of a team gives us a sense of belonging, and we learn the importance of the whole instead of focusing on the parts. Additionally, we begin to learn that our actions contribute to the overall success of the team, not just to individual success.


Of course, the most obvious benefit of regularly engaging in sports is the component of exercise. And this is not only beneficial at a young age, but throughout your life as well.

Competitive sports allow us to push our bodies to extremes. Whether this is sprinting, leaping, pushing, or pulling, we find the most high impact workouts within the world of sports. And science has shown the benefits of high impact exercise.

No matter how old you are, keeping a competitive edge makes you use your critical thinking skills, and you continue to challenge yourself on the field of play against the other players.

Exercise also keeps the mind agile, and allows one to form greater focus and concentration, skills that are needed in order to be successful in work and in life.

Leadership Skills

One of the most positive aspects of sports is that it teaches us how to develop leadership skills. And when this happens at a young age, studies have shown that those who develop early leadership skills are more likely to excel both academically and professionally.

In addition to leadership skills, team sports enable one to develop and hone self-confidence and self-esteem. And these skills are critical for developing leadership skills as well.

Additionally, if sports are continued throughout adolescence and into adulthood, you stand a greater chance at becoming successful in fields that require interpersonal communication skills, or in fields where you have only yourself to rely on.

Along with leadership skills developed by sports, you’re also better equipped to develop quality relationships, as you’ll have real-world skills of building relationships with teammates, coaches, opposing team members, and the like.

Effectively, team sports enable you to cross boundaries where communication barriers might exist, and the more you engage in sports, the more of a pioneer you’ll be when it comes to leadership and relationship building.

Team sports are part of our lives for a reason. Though they provide great entertainment and give us a way to commune with one another and to engage socially, sports also give many of us a purpose to exist. And developing a sense of purpose is critical to success in every facet of life.

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