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8 Benefits of Earning a DNP Degree

Earning a DNP Degree

An existing core belief of the nursing profession is that learning is a continuous process. As a nurse, you are expected to always look for ways to improve in your profession intellectually. This is due to nursing being a constantly evolving profession, and it is critical to be kept abreast of new information (primarily evidence-based) to be regarded as a competent practitioner.

A Doctor of Nursing Practice degree is a doctoral degree that, once bagged, nurses can pursue leadership positions in a healthcare organization. This is because the degree is regarded as a practical degree, rather than one that primarily focuses on research.

If you have been a nurse for a long time without an advanced degree, you should get one, and you should target earning the DNP degree because earning a DNP degree comes with benefits. Those benefits will be discussed in this article.

8 Benefits of Earning a DNP Degree

A Higher Salary

In the health care sector, advanced degrees like a DNP attract higher salaries than lower degrees. This is partly due to the higher level of positions that can only be gotten through a DNP. Broader responsibilities mark these positions, and these included tasks will command a handsome compensation.

When nurses take a step further in their profession by earning a DNP degree, they also take a step toward a higher earning potential.

Leadership Opportunities

Many of the roles that DNPs can aim for are high-level leadership positions that give room for them to manage several aspects of health care, and a DNP degree opens the door for you to attain that leadership role.

Leadership responsibilities could range from supervising the nurses who provide patient care to being involved in carrying out a facility's operations in an executive role, such as:

  • Director of Nursing Services
  • Chief Nurse Anesthetist
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nurse Educator
  • Medical and Health Services Manager
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

Only strong leaders can inspire and motivate others to perform a facility's health care processes and improve the outcome of patients. Earning a DNP degree helps you to gain more confidence in leading others, which means you will be able to effect positive changes not just at the bedside, but also in the systems (and policies) that affect healthcare delivery in the society.

Earning a DNP Degree

Specialization Opportunities

Do you have a desire for a particular field in nursing? As a DNP graduate, you will have the privilege to focus on that area of nursing that is most important to you. Moreover, going into your nursing niche will enhance your ability to become more recognized.

Areas of specialization include but are not limited to Pediatric Primary Care, Adult-Gerontology Acute Care, Family Care, Psychiatric Mental Health, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care, etc.

Remain Up-to-date In a Rapidly Evolving Field

Many aspects of health care are constantly changing, from a higher understanding of disease processes to advanced technologies and novel medicines. Hence, nurse practitioners need to stay informed.

Earning a DNP degree will help you remain updated on the most recent changes, as well as strategies to continued medical education. Therefore, you will continue to stay on top of trends.

Increased Job Security

The advanced practice of the nursing profession has been projected to grow by 45% between 2020 and 2030. There are already various opportunities attached to the nursing profession, as well as bagging a DNP degree. Meanwhile, these opportunities will not stop increasing.

Earning a DNP degree will help you remain competitive in the nursing profession, in that your advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing will help you remain an invaluable practitioner in the job market.

Independence and Job Creation

Bagging the DNP degree is capable of propelling you forward in terms of independence. As a nurse practitioner with a DNP degree, you will have the privilege to open your private practice/independent clinics and then function as a primary health care provider with prescriptive authority, although the terms and conditions of the state you live in apply, as well as your area of specialty.

Furthermore, becoming an independent practitioner and starting your entrepreneurial ventures will make you provide jobs for others. That is to say that you will not only be advancing yourself by earning a DNP degree, but you will also be giving others a chance to livelihood.

Wider Networking Opportunities

When you decide to pursue a DNP degree, the strength of your network/connection will undoubtedly increase. A doctor of nursing practice degree will give you access to a vast network of highly competent professionals. That is, you will meet high-caliber professionals in your field.

Some may be your lecturers or educators, while others may be your colleagues in the program. A DNP program gives you the privilege to meet those people, as well as learn from their diverse knowledge and expertise.

Personal Accomplishment

There is no doubt that education makes you a more well-rounded person. So, earning a DNP degree is enough to make you stand out in the nursing profession, even in society.

If your only goal as a nurse is to make money and have numerous job opportunities, you may not necessarily need to pursue a doctor of nursing practice degree. But going a lot further in your academic pursuit till you earn a DNP degree implies you have gone beyond your comfort zone so as to attain your full potential as a nurse and as an individual.

Earning a DNP Degree

Flexible DNP Degree Options

If you are already working as a nurse before you decide to take up the DNP program, combining both may be a challenge. Therefore, when you decide to pursue a DNP degree, you need to search for a flexible degree program that fits your current schedule.

Studying online is an example of a flexible degree program. It will offer you the flexibility required for you to continue with your initial schedule while studying, completing assignments and projects, including taking exams. After those processes, you can then bag your DNP degree and enjoy the benefits attached to it.

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