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Benefits of The Dry Herb Vape

Benefits of The Dry Herb Vape

There are several different types of vaporizers on the market, and an all-time favorite has always been the dry herb vape. Since it vaporizes dry herb, it can provide users with the taste they’re after, without giving them all the smoke traditional methods do.

But with all the different types of vaping and all the new smoking methods coming out, it can be hard to tell which ones are the best options. However, dry herb vapes are loved by many for good reason, and you’ll find out why.

How do Dry Herb Vapes Work?

Dry herb vapes are very simple. First of all, it’s important to understand that dry herb vapes do not burn the product or produce smoke. They simply operate at high temperatures, and almost instantly vaporize the crystals full of goodies on the dry herb, delivering nothing but tasty and clean vapor.

This type of vaporizer has either convection or conduction heating, although some units have hybrid heating which combines the two. Convection heating is like a tiny oven, since it heats up the air around the product until the product vaporizes. Conduction heating uses direct contact to instantly vaporize the crystals and wax on dry herb.

Most dry herb vaporizers have controllable temperature settings. This allows users to fully customize their vaping experience, and even tweak the temperature throughout the session to get the most out of their product.

How do Dry Herb Vapes Compare to Regular Smoking Methods?

When it comes to comparing vaping to smoking, it is a bit complicated. They are worlds apart in many ways, but the one thing that they do have in common is that they are both used to consume dry herb.

Here are a few examples of why they are so different:

  • Dry herb vapes produce vapor and smoking methods produce smoke. Vapor is the product of vaporization, and is chemically the same as the original product which is vaporized (in this case, THC crystals and other oils from dry herb). Smoke is the product gained from actually burning the dry herb, plant-matter and all (and it is not chemically equal to the original form of that which is burnt).
  • Dry herb vapes are electronic, whereas normal smoking methods are not. In order to vaporize the product, there needs to be power from a battery or a power outlet. But smoking methods only require an external heat source, which is usually flame, in order to combust the product.
  • Dry herb vapes do not burn plant matter, and smoking methods do. Dry herb vapes operate at temperatures high enough to vaporize the oils but not the plant matter. Smoking methods burn at very high temperatures, which cause the entirety of the dry herb to combust.

So now you know a bit more about how these two methods of consumption compare. But what exactly are the benefits of dry herb vapes, and why are so many people switching from normal smoking to dry herb vaping?

Benefits of the Dry Herb Vape

  • They are efficient. Since dry herb vapes vaporize the oils from the dry herb so well, users always get every last drop of the coveted goodies, which makes the most out of their product.
  • They are precise. Dry herb vapes allow users to customize their sessions by turning up or down the temperature settings, and even by offering further customization such as interchangeable herb chambers made from different materials.
  • They are easier on the lungs. Thanks to the complete absence of smoke, dry herb vapes can be easier on your lungs and mouth in the long run. Vaping also allows lower temperatures, which can also be better for your lungs.
  • They are tasty. Dry herb vapes are known to produce very tasty vapor, whereas dry herb smoke doesn’t really allow much of the complex taste of the herb to come through.
  • They are much cleaner. Dry herb vapes are built with cleanliness in mind, since cleaning a vape is super important. Keeping everything (including the place you choose to vape) clean is much easier and much simpler compared to regular smoking methods.
  • They are discreet. Discretion is always important, and it is much easier to be discrete when using a dry herb vape, as opposed to other methods of consumption.

Now you’re practically a dry herb vape expert! You know all the benefits of dry herb vapes, and you understand why so many people are switching from normal smoking methods to vaping dry herb instead. It is packed full of flavors, and there are benefits all around!

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