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Learn 6 Health Benefits of Having a Clean Home (And a Few Tips on Keeping One!)

Are you tired of a messy home? Are you wondering if it's impacting your mental health? Cleaning up your home has 6 distinct mental health benefits. Keep reading to learn what they are and find out a few handy hints on how to do it.

  1. Reduce Stress:
    There was a study done in 2009 that showed women who had higher levels of cortisol, a hormone known to indicate stress, had homes that were messy. At the other end of the spectrum, women shown to be happy and comfortable had a more organized home. A clean home lets the body destress and get healthier, in particular through more activity, a stronger immune system, better sleep, and eating more nutritiously.
  2. Meditation:
    Cleaning is usually a mindless activity which permits you the occasion to practice meditation and mindfulness. As it turns out, cleaning is something that helps you connect to the present and practice the power of focus. Leo Babauta has a great explanation of this process if you read his "Mindful Simplicity" blog post.
  3. Boost Your Productivity:
    A study from Princeton shows that a home that is clean and organize can wind up boosting productivity. You stress less and you can focus more on what's important without dirt and clutter distracting you. Without distractions, your mind is able to process things at a faster rate.
  4. Make Sure You Are Socially Confident:
    If you have visitors to your home, be it friends, family, or especially someone you don't even know, then it can be quite an episode of anxiety if your home isn't clean enough to impress them. When you are so confident in the cleanliness of your home that you show it off, it can carry with you outside your home as well.
  5. Ignite Your Creativity:
    A home that is kept up can spark your creativity. You might innovate your storage, come up with new decor dreams, or even imagine an entirely fresh furniture layout simply from seeing what's there and what's not.
  6. Minimize Family Fighting:
    Do you ever get blamed by a spouse for misplacing things in what you call an 'organized mess'? Do kids bicker or cry over missing toys? Organization can eradicate these issues. Organized living spaces minimize tension and cut down on family fighting. The challenge here is getting your family to stick with your organization.

Helpful Hints For Keeping Your Home Clean

  • Have everyone leave their shoes at the door. You never want accidental mud prints, or even prints that look just like mud but smell worse.
  • Clean something each day! Saving up the cleaning piles up the stress. Clean and organize things for a half an hour a day or less suggest Sydney Connect Cleaners.
  • Make up your bed. A neat bedroom is more conducive to good sleep. You can have a sense of satisfaction and serenity that carries to the rest of your home.
  • Do dishes as they happen. Better yet is getting everyone to team up after a meal. It's low-key, stress-free family time, and it's faster!

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