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6 Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can feel like an overwhelming avenue in pain relief or aesthetic improvements. However, there is so much to learn about breast reduction surgery, what it’s for, who it helps, and all the benefits that come with getting a breast reduction. There is much to discover and things that are important to know if you are considering this surgery. Let’s look into six possible benefits that can come about because of breast reduction surgery.

1. Helps With Shoulder and Back Pain

Do your shoulders and back hurt all the time? If so, it’s possible that the pain is a result of having larger breasts. The weight that is put on your shoulders and back can be incredibly distressing over long periods of time. While your body is trying to carry the weight of your breasts, it can be particularly painful for your back and shoulders. By removing the excess breast fat, glandular tissues, and skin, your shoulders and back will feel supported and will most likely find relief due to the lost weight from the surgery. With your shoulders and back finding relief from the breast reduction, other parts of your life can feel more enjoyable. If you experience less pain and stress from the weight, you can enjoy activities without having the nagging pain that comes from having large breasts.

2. Gives Relief From Back Grooves

It is highly common for bras to leave marks on your skin and body due to them being too tight, not fitted correctly, or the general groove marks that occur from wearing a bra all day. However, large breasts can make these grooves dig into your skin on your shoulders and back in a different, more painful way. While grooves can be common, excessively painful and recurring grooves are not so common. If your large breasts are impacting the comfort you feel in your bra, you may benefit from a breast reduction surgery. No one wants an uncomfortable experience from a bra that is weighed down by the weight of breasts. It can be difficult to feel comfortable throughout the day when this is happening.

3. Skin Irritation Can Improve

When you have excess skin, odds are you also have skin rolls that are rubbing against each other all day long. When you move, get sweaty, or are just simply existing, it can feel like your skin is in a constant state of irritation. Excess skin from larger breasts can be incredibly painful, itchy, and inconvenient. If you choose to get a breast reduction, the reduction can support you with having healthier, cleaner skin. With a breast reduction, the excess skin rubbing against itself is likely to not happen as much as it did before. This means that you would most feel more comfortable throughout your day in your own skin. Say goodbye to skin discomfort and pain.

4. They Look How You Want Them to

Sometimes, your breasts don’t look the way you wish they would. Breast reduction aims to treat the problem of disproportionate breast sizes to your body. With a breast reduction, the surgery would promote a breast size that best suits the body size and shape that you have. The surgery does not have to be a drastic change, but rather a more natural change that looks how you want it to.

5. You Get to Choose Your Surgeon

Like most healthcare instances, breast reduction surgery is an operation where you have total say who operates. Consulting with a potential surgeon prior to surgery day could make or break your breast reduction surgery. You have the freedom to choose a surgeon you are comfortable with. This means you also get to choose a surgeon who makes incision patterns that best fit with what you’re looking for. Each surgeon is different when it comes to incision patterns, so that’s a question you will want answered when you go to get a consult.

6. It Can be Covered by Health Insurance

You may be under the impression that breast reduction surgery is not covered by insurance. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Breast reduction surgery can be covered by health insurance. You will just need a surgeon’s sign off on the procedure and then the confirmation from your insurance provider that they permit the procedure to be covered by insurance. Breast reduction surgery doesn’t have to feel like an impossible route to take in alleviating pain and promoting your comfort.

Start Your Journey Toward Comfort Today

There are so many benefits that come with breast reduction surgery. If any of the ailments listed above prevent you from enjoying life due to large breasts, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery

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