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A Beginner's Guide to CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals

If you've yet to try CBD in any of its many forms, what are you waiting for? Sure, most people have a common concern that CBD products will make you high. But if the CBD product you're taking does not contain THC -- the psychoactive compound in cannabis, you'll be just fine.

In fact, most CBD products on the market today (and there are thousands), are designed specifically for other purposes, rather than getting you high. Some of these include treatment for pain, inflammation, neurological disorders, nausea, insomnia, anxiety -- the list goes on.

But if you're concerned about the taste of CBD tincture or edibles, a good place to start is with CBD topicals. Learn all about them in this blog.

CBD Topicals: How Do They Work?

In order to get to grips with how topicals work, you'll need to understand how CBD reacts in the body. All humans (and other living creatures with a spine) have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system is comprised of receptors. These receptors react with the cannabinoids present in cannabis products to deliver different reactions throughout the body. It's like Mother Nature set to work to purposefully create a beneficial link between the cannabis plant and humans!

But the ECS is responsible for a number of different functions. Some of which include appetite regulation, mood, sleep cycles, and immune regulation. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, react with the human ECS to allow it to do its job and do it better.

CBD is a phytocannabinoid and is akin to vitamins for the human ECS. When it comes to CBD topicals, you apply the product directly to the skin, which is then absorbed through the skin to bind with receptors in the ECS.

The best part is that CBD does not need to be processed through the bloodstream or the gut, it is absorbed directly into the epidermis and offers targeted benefits. This is what makes CBD topicals so effective for pain and inflammation relief -- check out these products for more on that.

Can You Get High From CBD Topicals?

Ah, the age-old question about CBD -- will it make you high? The short answer to this question with regards to topicals is no. This is because most CBD topical products are made with hemp (a species of the cannabis plant), and hemp does not contain any THC.

As mentioned earlier, THC is the compound responsible for making a person feel ''stoned'' when using other forms of cannabis, aka marijuana, which is naturally higher in THC.

To add to this, the CBD compounds in a topical product don't actually reach your bloodstream at all, and if it does, it's in minuscule amounts. So even if you use a product with THC content, it's unlikely that it will make you feel high. It's much the same as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer that contains alcohol. Ever been drunk from using these products? Didn't think so.

CBD Topical Products for Pain Management

Remember how we talked about the ECS and its many functions within the body? Well, one of its main functions is also pain management and regulation.

This is where CBD products are beneficial -- cannabinoids react with ECS receptors to help regulate the sensation of pain. While CBD also increases the number of cannabinoids that fend off pain signals in your system.

In addition to this, pain is always closely associated with inflammation. CBD also helps to tackle this issue due to its potent anti-inflammatory qualities. Studies show that CBD offers promising results in the fight against inflammation, associated with these conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • General joint pain

This is one of the most popular reasons for using topical CBD products today. They are hyper-focused on the area of pain and react quickly with the ECS as it's absorbed directly by the epidermis.

Skin Conditions

While you'll see skincare brands and products containing CBD lining the shelves today, topicals were actually first developed for certain types of skin conditions. CBD is great for the skin in general because of its anti-inflammatory properties. But as a salve or topical, you also get the added benefit of other helpful ingredients to soothe skin conditions.

When CBD is absorbed by the skin, it also inhibits a process called lipid synthesis. In essence, it reduces the amount of sebum your skin produces. This is why it's so beneficial for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, or inflamed, irritated skin.


Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, the CBD compound also offers antibiotic and anti-microbial benefits. The combination of these three properties makes CBD topicals great for fighting infections that show up on the skin. While CBD tincture and edibles can also protect against illness, viruses, and bacteria.

If you have a nasty bug bite, burns, cuts, a skin infection, or bacterial infection, a topical CBD product can help to heal these issues!


You may already know about how beneficial CBD is for fending off anxiety and depression. CBD reacts with the ECS to provide a euphoric feeling, much like that great feeling you get after exercise, i.e. an endorphin-high.

CBD is also good at regulating your mood and sleep cycles because these are both important functions of the ECS. A CBD topical or balm that's applied to your body directly after a warm bath can help with relaxation.

However, it's worth noting that ingested CBD is often the better choice if you're looking for help with anxiety and depression management.

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life

If you're interested in trying CBD for pain, inflammation, or relaxation but wary of tinctures or edibles, then CBD topicals are the best place to start. Take note of how you feel after topical application and once you've accustomed yourself to CBD, you can move onto CBD oil or edibles.

If this blog has been helpful or inspiring to you, then you don't want to miss the rest of what's on this website. Explore for more personal growth resources and articles on a range of topics including health and wellness, happiness, and personal goal setting.

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