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Bee Sting Therapy: A Complete Overview
Benefits and Side Effects

Bee Sting Therapy

If I tell you that poisonous animals' venom is used for treatment in medical science, would you believe me? As surprising as it may sound, but it’s true. Even though bees are such a tiny creature, their sting or venom is indeed intense. And this venom is used in bee sting therapy to treat pain, soreness, inflammation, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, eczema, Psoriasis, and so on.

Aren’t you curious about the whole thing? What is bee sting therapy? How it benefits the human body? Or if it has any side effects? We will give a complete overview of this therapy in today's article. Let’s get started without any further delay...

What Is Bee Venom?

It’s a pale, acidic liquid that bees produce in their body as a defense mechanism. The venom is generally stored in their stinger. Bees inject the venom through stinger into the enemy’s body whenever they feel threatened.

The toxic elements present in the venom makes the bee sting painful and sore. However, the bee venom is now being used as a cure and treatment for various diseases.

How Bee Sting Therapy Works?

Bee sting therapy is using bee venom for medical purposes. Since the ancient period, honey bee products are used for healing purposes. But as time advanced, bee venom became a beneficial treatment for humans.

Treatment with bee sting is known as Apitherapy. In this process, the bee venom is injected into the human body to fool the cell as if a bee attacked it. In defense, the body cell starts producing more antibodies to fight back. It also stimulates the immune system of our body and increases the blood flow towards the sting site. As a result, the pain in the sting site reduces. It gives a sense of relief to the patient.

The bee venom also contains sugar, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, and minerals that promote healing, easing pain and inflammation. Its immune-modulating effect is considered to be the main reason behind the bee sting therapy being effective. The immune system of our body responds immediately due to the imbalance in the body.

Benefits Of Bee Sting Therapy

Bee sting therapy has become quite popular and significant because of its potential health benefits. From reducing normal soreness to Alzheimer’s disease, bee sting therapy has a wide range of sectors to serve.

Let's look at some benefits that bee sting therapy and bee venom bring to us.

  • Bee venom is now used in a significant amount of skincare products. The venom makes the impression of getting nipped by a bee on the skin. It increases the blood flow towards the site with an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production that promotes the growth of new and healthy cells.
  • Bee venom therapy helps to prevent heavy sunburn and repair the damaged cells due to stress. It also reduces the effectiveness of the enzymes due to smoking. It can also heal the skin lesions and reduce the redness, which is proven to be a great help in skin disorders like Psoriasis.
  • Bee sting therapy is quite beneficial for Rheumatoid Arthritis, a painful condition affecting the bones and joints. It can be an alternative to pain relief medicines, for example- Celecoxib and Methotrexate.
  • The bee venom can serve as an alternative treatment for neurological diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disorder. The Apamine, along with other components, protects the neurons and also repairs the damaged ones. When combined with acupuncture, bee sting therapy can help improve the movements of Parkinson's patients.
  • If the bee sting therapy is combined with physiotherapy, it can serve as a classic treatment for frozen shoulder.

Side Effects Of Bee Sting Therapy

Bee sting therapy is mostly safe for most people. However, it may cause temporary swelling on the sting site, redness, itchiness, and in the worst scenario, fever, and nausea. But it varies from patient to patient according to their immune system.

In case any patient is allergic to any bee products, doctors need to be careful while giving the bee sting therapy. They should prepare anti-histamine before starting with the treatment.

Final Words

Though bee sting therapy is not the permanent treatment for any of the mentioned diseases, it can comfort the patients by reducing their pains and aches to a great extent. The therapy is available almost everywhere. So you can easily get it whenever required.

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