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5 Relaxing Bedtime Rituals That You
Should Try to Sleep Better

bedtime rituals

By Layla Parker

Sleep is necessary. Unfortunately, not all can do it smoothly.

Sleep deprivation and distractions are pretty apparent these days. I have been into this predicament a couple of times, especially if I am stressed from work.

I cured this problem years ago through relaxing bedtime rituals. You see, I got this idea that if my mind and body are both still, sleeping would be a lot easier.

The things that you do before your bedtime can directly affect your sleep. Of course, it can be either negative or positive. For instance, using too many gadgets can stop your brain from feeling sleepy.

In here, I am going to focus on the best practices for relaxing sleeping time. These are the things that I usually do before my evening rest. If you want, you can follow them, too.

Take a Warm Bath

bedtime rituals

There's a lot of methods that you can do so that you can feel calm and relaxed during the night. One of these is taking a warm bath. I always do this regimen so that my body and mind can feel loose.

There are many strains that we experience during the day. Sometimes, most the time, they can make us stiff and agitated. You need these negative sensations to be relieved so that you can rest better.

Warm baths are more than just cleaning yourself. It can soothe your sensations and eliminate all the worries that you have. This regimen hasn't failed me yet, so I do believe that it won't fail you, too!

Have an Evening Stroll

If your vicinity or neighborhood is quite safe, then taking a short walking trip outside can help in relaxing your mind and body.

You see, some people can't sleep immediately because they don't feel tired yet. The remaining activeness in their body and mind causes a delay in their sleep. Of course, if you are still bursting with energy, sleeping is the last thing that you do.

In the past, I used to do some exercises to curb down my energy levels before I go to sleep. But I have realized that this one is not for me. The rigid practices somehow stimulated my body to stay awake.

A more subtle and effective approach is to take a long evening walk. If the weather outside is cool, this can be a better before-bedtime ritual.

This activity doesn't just release all the remaining energy of your body. It can also cool down your mind and relieve from any stress and anxieties.

Listen to Calming Music

bedtime rituals

There are two types of noises: those that can annoy you and those that can help you relax better. You see, being exposed to too much noise is quite bad. It stifles your ability to focus or remain calm.

I had this bad experience of staying in a bustling neighborhood. Even during the wee hours of the night, cacophonous noises coming from vehicles are speakers. It was a terrible vacation because it made me almost sleepless.

You should consider using the best pillow speakers. They are the ones that allow you to listen to any sound comfortably without disturbing others. I have one in my bedroom, and it works fantastically every time!

Avoid Smartphones and Computers

bedtime rituals

I know it is almost natural for us to use our phones and computers in any part of the day. We usually do this for leisure or for work.

But if you want to sleep and relax better, you have to drop them in your sleeping time. These things can cause distractions and unnecessary worries to you, especially if you have something that is bothersome indeed.

The light that is being emitted by the screens of these devices harms your brain. It is a type of distraction that has been proven to impede your sleep.

Therefore, sleeping can be further optimized if you learn to disconnect to some of the modern inconveniences that you have.

Learn to Meditate

bedtime rituals

If you really want to feel relaxed before you got to sleep, you should practice meditation. It is a practice that teaches our mind and body to release all the toxicity and negativities that they experienced throughout the day.

I enrolled in a yoga class a year ago to learn the art of meditation. By doing some of their poses, I was able to practice how to meditate and become mindful. Every time I feel stressed or confused, I immediately yoga to regain my composure.

I do recommend that you read the book titled "Health Benefits of Meditation" written by M. Usman and John Davidson. This one explains all the potential benefits that you get from meditating. It is not only your sleep that it improves!

Wrapping it Up

These are the things that I do to have a relaxing sleep experience. These rituals always come handy because I typically experience stressful encounters from time to time. At this point in my life, I just don't want my sleep to get compromised by anything.

I believe that we have total control of our body. Therefore, we can always teach our body when to be active and when to rest. To get a proper evening rest, you should try the regimens that I have listed here.

That's it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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Author’s Bio:
My name is Layla Parker, the founder and chief editor of I decided to start taking my blog about sleep seriously to help people find what they need to experience better sleep and maintain their health. Do check out my website to learn more how to improve it now!

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