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Four Latest Beauty Innovations in Makeup

Innovations in Makeup

It is a fact that the beauty industry has a great impact on the environment . It has an estimated turnover of 213 billion euros in 2020 and the trend is increasing every year. This is why the beauty industry is currently rethinking its design, manufacturing and marketing methods to fit the growing demand of eco-friendly beauty products. The beauty companies are starting to pay more and more attention on developing their products according to the latest innovations. Innovation comes in the area of packaging as well. The environmental awareness and sustainability is on the grow, so this affects the packaging of the beauty products. Most of the makeup packaging nowadays is made of recyclable materials like glass, wood or aluminium.

The winner of the MakeUp Paris Innovation & Trends (IT) Awards this year is the Ocean Brush, by Raphaël Makeup Brushes. The handle of this make-up brush is made of 50% shell and 50% bioplastic recovered from the castor plant. The head of the brush is made of 65% recycled fibre from PET bottle waste and 35% raw fibre. It is right to say that this industry is tightly driven by science. Did you know that there are approximately 30 scientific steps involved in order to develop a new lipstick? So, what are the latest beauty innovations in makeup and where can you find them? 

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Refillable lipsticks

A lot of attention is put on refills and eco friendly packaging. There are products like refillable lipsticks, and companies like Hourglass, Guerlain, Zao, La Bouche Rouge are offering a good range of refillable lipsticks with eco friendly packaging solutions.

Celebrational and bold colour tones makeup

Getting out of a world pandemic deserves celebration of all kinds and this is no exception in the makeup industry. Brands like Kuncai Europe introduced new pigments made from synthetic mica. Geka cosmetics developed a connecting with nature make-up experience with their new line ‘’Soul craver’’. The brand Ms Beautilab offer a purple pigmented brush to continue promote the violet blush trend. 

Innovations in Makeup

Beauty and Wellness trends in makeup

Peclers Paris have developed a Beauty and Wellness makeup shadow line inspired bymental health. It is an emotional make-up exploration of shadow grey, soft greige, onyx, velvety mauve and smoky red. Consumers are looking at ways how to enhance pleasure through makeup and express their individuality. The Spate data shows increase in searches for glitter eyeliners, eye gems, orange and green lipsticks. 

AI to serve Makeup Industry

The online makeup business are also striving with the services such as on-demand Makeup advisors. The beauty advisors offer 1 on 1 consultations with clients and theses sessions can be done online as well according to the customers convenience. A lot of beauty brands are using AI technology to bring to assist customers in finding the right product for themselves. With this technology, customers can even virtually try on some makeup products before they decide to buy them.

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